Friday, 21 Feb 2020


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19 Feb 2019 News TKR - One or Two at a Time?
19 Feb 2019 Social Review of 541,744 total knee replacement (TKR) in Australia (1999-2017) finds lower revision rates in RA vs. OA, but increased risk of infection in RA (esp. males)
18 Feb 2019 News Older Men Less Likely to be Assessed and Treated for Osteoporosis
18 Feb 2019 News Hip Replacements Lasting 25 Years
15 Feb 2019 Social RT @EBRheum: Good morning from #RWCS2019! Year in Review #1: HCQ doesn't work for hand OA, so stop using it! Jack Cush @RheumNow has talke…
14 Feb 2019 Social JBMR reports that women with single & multiple fractures (hip, spine, ribs) strongly negatively impacts the HRQL of older people over a prolonged period, and that they may not recover their prefracture QOL.
04 Feb 2019 News Opioid Use in Osteoarthritis Varies by State
31 Jan 2019 Social RCT of Vitamin D in 379 elderly UK adults aged ≥70 y (48% women) give either 12,000 IU, 24,000 IU, or 48,000 IU. There was no ΔBMD, but parathyroid hormone decreased in all 3 groups (significantly betw 48,000 and 12,000-IU groups (P < 0.01).
29 Jan 2019 Social 2014-2015 study of 750K from Southern Sweden shows 24% of OA patients used opioids (2 fold higher than those without knee or hip OA).
29 Jan 2019 News Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty Shown to Be Ineffective
28 Jan 2019 Social Metanalysis of 38 RCTs & 19 agents shows greater DEXA improvements assoc w/ greater reductions in vertebral & hip Fx risk. A 2% to 6% incr in total hip BMD--> expect 28%-66% reduced vert Fx risk. 2%-6% incr in hip BMD--> expect 16%-40% lower hip Fx risk
20 Jan 2019 Social Checkout the new QD lessons - from the Rheumatology Clinic. Daily cases and lessons- watch from the website or email daily or listen to a batch each week as a ~20 min podcast on iTunes or SoundCloud
18 Jan 2019 ACR Video QD Video - Non-Traumatic Hemarthrosis
17 Jan 2019 News FDA Panel Backs Approval of Romosuzumab for Osteoporosis
10 Jan 2019 News Heberden’s Nodes Predict Knee OA Progression
09 Jan 2019 Social FDA has approved a single-injection hyaluronic acid (Durolane – Bioventus) and an ER formulation of the synthetic corticosteroid triamcinolone acetonide (Zilretta – Flexion) for intra-articular (IA) treatment of osteoarthritic knee pain.
09 Jan 2019 News NEJM Review - Glucocorticoid-Induced Osteoporosis
04 Jan 2019 Social Finnish followup study of 68,800 hip fracture pts w hip surgery finds 4.6% w/ complications - esp with heavy alcoholism (HR 1.38); Parkinson’s (1.22); osteoarthritis (2.02); rheumatic Dz (1.44); those w/ depression/psychosis, operative delay, prior THR
03 Jan 2019 Social Chronic Urticaria associated with a 23% higher risk of osteoporosis, irrespective of steroid use. Population study from Israel compared 11,944 Chr urticaria w/ 59,829 controls. (HR = 1.23, 95% CI 1.10–1.37, p <0.001)
03 Jan 2019 News Uncertain Long Term Efficacy in Trials of Knee Osteoarthritis