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29 Aug 2018 Social Osteoarthritis and Psoriatic arthritis differ from RA by affecting DIP and PIP joints with medial or lateral IP subluxations. In RA the finger deformities are dorsal-ventral
29 Aug 2018 News 2018 EULAR Recommendations for Hand Osteoarthritis Care
25 Aug 2018 Social RheumNow Week in Review – How Not to Treat Hand OA (8.24.18) | Listen to the podcast on iTunes, stitcher or here> https://t.co/lbbw62bBSC RheumNow - Rheumatology News & Information https://t.co/8EAUhSG5cT
24 Aug 2018 Social AC&R paper shows that Older Obese pts w/ Knee OA who lose >20% weight, after 18 mos had 37% less pain, 36% better function and significantly better health-related quality of life (P = .006). https://t.co/QudKGT32ZJ
23 Aug 2018 Social Subanalysis of 221 pts in MeTeOR study shows persistent and extensive effusion‐synovitis Knee Osteoarthritis (with meniscal tears) is associated with greater degrees of cartilage loss over 18 mos. https://t.co/3KtHQx0QI2
21 Aug 2018 Social PLEASE- stop trying Plaquenil, DMARDs, biologics in Hand OA - they dont work!!. My best regimen is: simple analgesics (acetaminophen 1950 mg qd) plus 2.5 mg prednisone, hand OT, and painful PIP/DIP immobilization with 2inch Cohesive tape x 14days https://t.co/VOzs0yWjOS
15 Aug 2018 News Persistent Osteoporosis Drug Use Pays Off
09 Aug 2018 News Fractures Augment 10 Year Mortality Risks
09 Aug 2018 Social Matched cohort study shows that exposure to NSAIDs, Cox-2, acetaminophen, narcotics or glucosamine (in 3 yrs prior) does not increase the rate of knee replacement in Knee #OA patients https://t.co/kryenx1m6V
08 Aug 2018 News Early Hip Fracture Surgery Reduces Mortality
06 Aug 2018 News Big Advances for Two Osteoporosis Drugs
01 Aug 2018 Social Study of 6644 hip & femoral fractures found 2.95% were atypical femoral Fx (90 subtrochanter & 106 femoral shaft Fx). Risk factors were osteopenia/osteoporosis, RA, increased ant. & lat. femoral curvatures, & thicker lateral femoral cortex at the shaft https://t.co/vWsW0hLoHS
26 Jul 2018 Social 22,289 women in the Melbourne were studied, 1208 1had knee replacement (TKA) for OA; Increased risk of TKA seen in women who were ever pregnant (HR 1.32) or took oral contraceptives (HR 1.25) https://t.co/ndB1OChmyv
24 Jul 2018 Social Study from Norway showd that Osteoporosisin Psoriatic arthritis patients (mean age 52 yrs) is uncommon (6.4%). No associations BMD and disease activity measures. https://t.co/5AHR2BSFgh
20 Jul 2018 Social Pfizer & Lilly report on Phase 3 Tanezumab (NGF inhibitor) in 698 Knee or Hip OA pts. At 16wks TNZ yielded significantly better pain, function & the Pt Global (vs PBO). Rapidly progressive OA seen in <1.5% on TNZ; 0 on PBO. https://t.co/AubO4PyYJQ
19 Jul 2018 Social 4543 patients followed for mean 8.4 yrs, crude incidence of knee chondrocalcinosis was 3.2 per 1000 PY and whole cumulative incidence of chondrocalcinosis was 2.7%, more with age and higher HbA1C https://t.co/gdlvmYDlPd
17 Jul 2018 Social Amgen and UCB have re-filed for FDA approval of osteoporosis drug romosozumab one year after a complete response letter citing CV risks. New data includes 7,180 ph3, 4,093 ph3 and a 245 pt male OP trial. https://t.co/evemBRXrpP
15 Jul 2018 Social Sytematic review of supplements for osteoarthritis finds (despite poor quality studies) Limited research evidence to recommend the oral use of Boswellia serrata extract and Pycnogenol, curcumin and methylsulfonylmethane https://t.co/I6ioJn6wDF
02 Jul 2018 Social Metanalysis of 11 RCTs show that DMARDs and biologics are no better than Placebo in treating symptomatic Osteoarthritis https://t.co/OGwvaEglhZ
27 Jun 2018 Social 233,608 statin initiators not shown to increase the risk of hand osteoarthritis when compared 1:10 with non users (from UK Clinical Practice Research Datalink) https://t.co/FLQnfBAfdl