Wednesday, 21 Feb 2018


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01 Aug 2016 Social Early RA pts higher fracture risk w/ pred >15mg/d & >6400mg total. Fx risk 29% lower 60-182 d after d/c prednisone
22 Jul 2016 Social RT @HealioRheum: ICYMI: Increased #BMI and #anxiety are associated with higher total knee replacement-related costs…
22 Jul 2016 Social NHANES study, Pts w/ chronic low back pain more likely to use opioids and illicit drugs (current use 14% vs 9%)
20 Jul 2016 News DEXA Still Needed While on Bisphosphonates
20 Jul 2016 Blog Knee Replacement and the Physical Terrorist
19 Jul 2016 Social Unloading shoes (triple-density, variable-stiffness midsoles lateral-wedge insoles) do not benefit knee OA patients
19 Jul 2016 Social ACP's 4 Steps to OA Rx in Elderly: 1. Modifiable risk factors, 2. Pain Rx, 3. nonpharmacologic Rx, 4. Drug therapy
11 Jul 2016 Social RT @DrPetryna: Danish study reprots noncompliance with Bisphoph in OP associated with increased health care resource use and cost. https://…
07 Jul 2016 Social Voriconazole-induced periostitis: a new disorder. 40 pts, mostly female, w/ diffuse skeletal pain, high alk phos.
07 Jul 2016 News Patient Reluctance to Take Bisphosphonates
01 Jul 2016 Social Hand Dominance TidBits: same side w/ unilat OA DIP2/PIP3, hip;But opposite of CMC1. In early RA-no effect. In hip OA
13 Jun 2016 News Parathyroidectomy Improves and Bisphosphonates Worsen Fracture Risk in Primary Hyperparathyroidism
03 Jun 2016 News Patient Reluctance to Take Bisphosphonates
02 Jun 2016 Social Knee OA studied:pts w/ VTE(4020) vs controls(1:5). NSAID (diclof, melox, ibu, coxib,not naprx) w/ ~40% incr VTE risk
20 May 2016 Social @DrPetrynaRegeneron Announces Positive data from Ph 2/3 Fasinumab (MAb-nerve growth factor) Study for Osteoarthritis
18 May 2016 News Risk Factors for Bisphosphonate Bone Complications
18 May 2016 Social RCT shows 12 wks of PT vs TaiChi equally effective in Knee OA x 52 wks; less depression, better QOL in Tai Chi grp
28 Apr 2016 Social Microbiome mediates sex steroid-deficient Osteoporosis and can be remediated by probiotics.
27 Apr 2016 News Consensus Guideline on Drug Therapy After Osteoporotic Fractures
18 Apr 2016 Social There's a despirate need for effective DMARD Rx in erosive OA! GSK begins Ph2 trial of GM-CSF MAb in inflamm hand OA