Friday, 17 Aug 2018


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05 May 2017 Social RT @CCalabreseDO: FRAX significantly underestimates fracture risk in patients taking psych meds @rheumnow @healiorh…
01 May 2017 News FDA Approves Abaloparatide for High Risk Patients
26 Apr 2017 News Elimination of Senescent Chondrocytes Reduces Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis
24 Apr 2017 News EULAR/EFORT Taskforce on the Management of Fragility Fractures
24 Apr 2017 News Consensus on OP Drug Holidays
19 Apr 2017 Social In animal models, high fat, high carbohydrate diet (junk food) promotes cartilage damage and osteoarthritis.
17 Apr 2017 Social Osteoarthritis Initiative 4367 pts shows 15% w/ recurrent falls, increased by 22-25% w/ opioid or antidepressant use
17 Apr 2017 Social Data from OP/OA mtg in Italy says Knee Osteoarthritis is assoc wth 13% higher risk of developing hypertension(P=.03)
13 Apr 2017 News Osteoporosis Drug Stopping by Rheumatologists - March Survey Results
11 Apr 2017 News Osteoporosis Drugs of Uncertain Efficacy with CKD
11 Apr 2017 Social Denosumab given to postmenopausal women in FREEDOM trial shows no changes in side effects over 3 or 6 yrs use.
10 Apr 2017 News Osteoporosis Screening Indicated Following Non-Vertebral Fractures
04 Apr 2017 News Healthy Bones Formed During Adolescence
27 Mar 2017 Social US Appeals court says plantiffs suit can proceed in suit against Merck for failing to warn of atypical femoral Fxs
21 Mar 2017 Social How do Rheums choose between bisphosphonate, denosumab, teraparitide? 3 question survey from RheumNow. Vote here >>
21 Mar 2017 Social AAOS meeting reports that smoking cessation prior to hip/knee Arthroplasty improves outcomes, lessens complications
20 Mar 2017 Social FREEDOM trial- Prolia reduces Fx of vertebrae (68%), hip (40%), & nonvertebral (20%. 3yr & no increase in AE w/ time
20 Mar 2017 Social RheumNow is Doing an Osteoporosis Drug Managment survey; If youre a RHEUMATOLOGIST - vote in our 5Q survey today>
13 Mar 2017 Social FDA delayed action on Radius' new anabolic osteoporosis drug abaloparatide to June 30, requesting new information
06 Mar 2017 Social Claims data of 8357 non-OP Women w/ Hip Fx shows only 17% had DXA after Fx & only 23% were screened/Rx for OP @1yr