Tuesday, 07 Apr 2020


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05 Oct 2016 Social Orthopedic implant market projected to rise to $6.2 billion by 2024. US Majority at 53% https://t.co/dz5kbt760K
07 Oct 2016 Social Injection of nanoparticle peptides carrying siRNA that inhibit NF-κB may benefit osteoarthritic joints https://t.co/6KlbF1Dlkr
10 Oct 2016 News Those with Osteoporotic Fractures are Going Untreated
11 Oct 2016 Social Diabetes has freq articular findings:OA knee(49%), carpal tunnel(29%), frozen shoulder(23%), cheiroarthropathy(16%) https://t.co/pGRNI6wQTQ
13 Oct 2016 Social October 20th is world Osteporosis day - heres their white paper on OP future issues. https://t.co/WAzNMSTaMq
13 Oct 2016 News Cannibis Abusers Have Decreased Bone Mass, More Fractures
19 Oct 2016 Social RT @DanielHSolomon: #Osteoporosis call to action from @ASBMR features work of #BWH #SCS Rheumatologists https://t.co/7lngYAkAEN
15 Nov 2016 News Celecoxib Shines and Naproxen Tanks in the PRECISION Study
27 Nov 2016 Social Top Five #ACR16 highlights from an Osteoporosis maven - Arthur Lau @ArthurRheum. https://t.co/OuiaSFb0ux
30 Nov 2016 Social RT @ASBMR: Now Available - Slide Set and Webcast on Highlights of ASBMR 2016 Annual Meeting https://t.co/ggRED3vtuk https://t.co/oUfdMiFC8Y
01 Dec 2016 News Statins for the Treatment of Osteoporosis
06 Dec 2016 Social BMJ study of >19k men, shows testosterone use associated w/ 63% increased risk of DVT in the 1st 6mos. https://t.co/Rpy7SdtnRY
08 Dec 2016 Social Tumor-induced osteomalacia, rare, w/ low phosphate, high Alk phos, fatigue arthralgias, multiple Fx from Hi FGF 23. https://t.co/i63MPJtTbK
11 Dec 2016 Social Dr. Eric Topol has a rough go of it w/ PT after knee replacment. https://t.co/arkOHcs2Nl
19 Dec 2016 News Osteoporosis 2016 Year in Review - No new drug approvals, and a crisis in care
20 Dec 2016 News BEST-D Trial: Higher Doses of Vitamin D may be Required for Optimal Osteoporosis Prevention
26 Dec 2016 Social RT @NYTHealth: Doctors say safety is at stake in Medicare’s decision to make knee replacement surgeries a one-day stay https://t.co/E2kKrE2…
26 Dec 2016 Social 48,867 Total hip arthroplasties: 1 yr risk of prosthetic Jt infx is 0.53% and hip revision was 1/44. https://t.co/oY39x2IqsJ
03 Jan 2017 News Modest Benefits with Intraarticular Corticosteroids in Knee Osteoarthritis
05 Jan 2017 Social Prolonged use of Glucosamine in obese or diabetic patients does NOT affect glycemic status or HgbA1C levels https://t.co/LNUrdFBgm0