Tuesday, 07 Apr 2020


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11 Dec 2016 Social Dr. Eric Topol has a rough go of it w/ PT after knee replacment. https://t.co/arkOHcs2Nl
20 Apr 2015 Social Pts w/ Xray or Symptom defined Osteoarthritis are ~50% more likely to be "frail" (wt loss, cant rise, poor energy) http://buff.ly/1FXZNPF 
23 Jul 2017 Social RT @RheumJC: #RheumJC is back on Thur July 27th discussing perioperative guidelines for knee & hip arthroplasty: https://t.co/bma747W7NJ ht…
19 Feb 2018 Social Checkout #RWCS video of Dr. Orrin Troum and Dr. Alvin Wells discussing 2017 advances in OA, Gout and Scleroderma Treatments https://t.co/dkmYs8uuYC
04 Jan 2019 Social Finnish followup study of 68,800 hip fracture pts w hip surgery finds 4.6% w/ complications - esp with heavy alcoholism (HR 1.38); Parkinson’s (1.22); osteoarthritis (2.02); rheumatic Dz (1.44); those w/ depression/psychosis, operative delay, prior THR https://t.co/StahnHXRuZ
15 Apr 2019 Social Metanalysis of 6 studies suggests that metformin use was inversely associated with the risk of fracture (RR 0.82; 95% CI 0.72, 0.93). https://t.co/ZTmHnpMvS6
13 Aug 2019 Social Osteoarthritis Iniative study of 3053 #OA pts shows worsening in health related quality of life is most rapid with Female gender, higher BMI, smoking, knee pain, and lower income at baseline. Rapid progressors had higher risk of TKR (HR 6.2;CI 3.6–10.7) https://t.co/73OlM7ymH6
14 Oct 2015 Social Metanalysis of 33 studies shows Tai Chi is effective in #Osteoarthritis: pain, walk times, & knee extensor strength http://t.co/z352FoRnmc
20 Mar 2017 Social RheumNow is Doing an Osteoporosis Drug Managment survey; If youre a RHEUMATOLOGIST - vote in our 5Q survey today> https://t.co/yvwkisqtNS
21 Jun 2018 Social Metanalysis of 11 RCTs show that DMARDs and biologics are no better than Placebo in treating symptomatic Osteoarthritis https://t.co/OGwvaEglhZ
28 May 2019 Social Prospective study of 4796 pts in Osteoarthritis Initiative shows metformin use in obese pts (BMI >30) was Assoc with significantly less medial cartilage loss (0.71% vs. 1.57%/yr) & a trend towards fewer knee replacements over 6 yrs (OR 0.30, p = 0.11) https://t.co/LD0jFWtSLM
13 Feb 2020 Social How long will they last? Vast majority of TKR or THR (>70%) will last 25 yrs. Failure is usually for infection or fracture. Dr Wm Bugbee #RWCS2020 @RWCSmtg https://t.co/XyGmeiiQTu
05 May 2017 Social RT @CCalabreseDO: FRAX significantly underestimates fracture risk in patients taking psych meds https://t.co/04RVfyGDnd @rheumnow @healiorh…
23 Aug 2018 Social Subanalysis of 221 pts in MeTeOR study shows persistent and extensive effusion‐synovitis Knee Osteoarthritis (with meniscal tears) is associated with greater degrees of cartilage loss over 18 mos. https://t.co/3KtHQx0QI2
22 Jun 2015 Social 75 men & 488 women w/ osteoporosis treated w/ qd teriparatide and was as effective in men as in postmenopausal women http://t.co/JHeyeq9BsL
07 Nov 2017 Social RT @philipcrobinson: There is a small group of OA patients who progress quickly. The rest progress very slowly #ACR17 @RheumNow https://t.c…
09 May 2018 Social Australian RCT treated Trochanteric bursitis (glueal tendinopathy) w/ either education + exercise (EDX), steroid injx or "wait & see". EDX wins w/ better pain and global scores at wk 8 and better global scores at wk 52 (still less pain) https://t.co/eNky3xc9fW https://t.co/v6U8HRfqe0
30 Jul 2019 Social Is tea consumption associated with a risk of fractures? A metanalysis of 16 studies, 772,707 participants, high (compared to low) tea consumption was associated a lower fracture risk - RR 0.86 (0.78–0.94). https://t.co/24XYyUArS9
11 Nov 2019 Social RT @KDAO2011: #acr19 @rheumnow Great debate Dr Saag rebuttal PRO anabolic 1st line rationale for GIO: - Dr Humphrey herself wrote in 201…
03 Mar 2020 Social EPOSA - 5 european OA cohorts studied showing 27% had 1 or falls; 10% fell twice or more (recurrent faller). Risk was associated with knee OA (RR-1.55). Opioids and analgesics mediated the associations between clinical OA and (recurrent) falls. https://t.co/9g87cZSvRK