Wednesday, 01 Apr 2020

Drug Safety

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30 Sep 2014 News The Safety of Restarting Infliximab After a Long Drug-Free Hiatus
10 Dec 2014 News Pregnant women getting better drug safety information
04 Feb 2015 News Celebrex Goes Generic
04 Feb 2015 News Psoriatic Arthritis Has a New FDA Approved DMARD - Apremilast
10 Mar 2015 Slide of the day Inactive vs. Live Vaccines
19 Apr 2015 Social w/ recent Listeria outbreaks, @ risk include infliximab, otherTNFi, MTX & Pred; rarely RTX or ABA, Mortality 11-27% ?
20 Apr 2015 Social 785 pts w/ community acquired pneumonia recv PBO or Pred 50 mg x7d. Pred shorten hosp time without incr complications 
22 Apr 2015 News Poisoning deaths involving opioid analgesics - NY State
23 Apr 2015 Social Stopping Rx med rules 1. Get ok & from MD who Rx it, 2.Know if to stop suddenly or slowly. 3. Know the alternatives. LESS IS NOT ALWAYS BEST
25 Apr 2015 Social Recall of Mylan injectable MTX- Presence of Particulate M… … #rheumatoid
27 Apr 2015 Social Study of Ontario RA pt >67 yrs, shows TNFi use has higher risk of TB (RR=5) &NTM (RR=2). Pred & HCQ incr risk of NTM 
27 Apr 2015 Social 1713 Sepsis pts studied; risk greatest w/ age (OR 3-6), immunosuppression 4.4, Resp dz 3.6, EtOH 2.9,>2 comorbid 7.6 
28 Apr 2015 News The Science and Faith of Herpes Zoster Management
28 Apr 2015 Social RheumNow reviews who, what, & how of H.Zoster vaccine in biologic pts. Rule: be off 4wks, vaccinate, restart in 2wks 
28 Apr 2015 News FDA Enforces New Drug Safety Labeling for Pregnant Women
29 Apr 2015 Social Big data to ID safety signals? Rx sequence symmetry analysis has good sensitivity to ID Rx toxicity w/ 5 nations data 
01 May 2015 Social Necrotizing aspergillosis reviewed. CTD (RA,AS) @risk. Dx by A. fumigatus IgG Abs & upper lobe cavitary lesions 
02 May 2015 Social 2210 pts Rx w/ Golimumab. All TB screened w/ PPD, IGRA; 317 had LTBI, Rx w/ INH = No TB. In TB neg pts - 5 got TB 
05 May 2015 News Drug-Induced Lupus is Rare with TNF inhibitor Therapy
05 May 2015 News Adjuvant Herpes Zoster Subunit Vaccine is 97% Effective in Adults