Tuesday, 22 Oct 2019

Drug Safety

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14 Aug 2016 ACR Video Dr. Mark Werner - EULAR Symposia on Hepatitis C
17 Aug 2016 Social Unhealthy habits (smoking, baddiet, phys inactivity, &alcohol) cause 6 yr loss of life; accts for 50% Canadas deaths https://t.co/CGc2bmeiGr
18 Aug 2016 Social Great rheumatology primer on sorting out tropical mosquito related viruses from @LCalabreseDO & CCF https://t.co/j4AdfSQX7P
22 Aug 2016 Social PsA have the same cancer & serious infx rates as non-PsA; but have more hematologic cancers & opportunistic infxns https://t.co/Mm9Ehpd19F
22 Aug 2016 News Risk of Sepsis or Death Lower with Biologics in Rheumatoid Arthritis
22 Aug 2016 Social Patients receiving IL-1 inhibitors (anakinra) may be at higher risk for Streptococcus infections. https://t.co/rXaUQKHlFZ
24 Aug 2016 Social Risk factors for marginal ulcers in obesity gastric bypass surgery:Diabetes, Hx PUD, PPI & ASA. NSAIDs not signif! https://t.co/9Ct4Xvmp2J
26 Aug 2016 News Prior Cancer Patients May Safely Receive TNF Inhibitors or Rituximab
26 Aug 2016 Social RT @philipcrobinson: Need to be vigilant of non-melanoma skin cancer with rheum drugs https://t.co/84SxxlE2IY
02 Sep 2016 Social @RonanTKavanagh Such sites cull medwatch reports, but dont verify. Accuracy is low. TNFi rarely reported w/ renal AE https://t.co/Rmq5owk56E
03 Sep 2016 Social @RonanTKavanagh RheumNow reviewed Biologics & Vasculitis - mostly skin, TNFi, no Cimzia but thats due to new & few https://t.co/lPBsl7Bo7Y
06 Sep 2016 Social TNFi induced sardoidosis; 90 cases of sarcoidosis w/ TNFi Rx reviewed, most w/ Enbrel, 71 resolved w/ D/C https://t.co/cBxP4KX9L7
07 Sep 2016 Social 63% have some MTX; 22% its mod-severe. Giving Caffeine at time of MTX (coffee, Dk chocolate) showed 55% improved!! https://t.co/YegVkoODoF
09 Sep 2016 Social Steroids should not be used to treat infertility - results in higher rates of miscarriage, preterm birth, defects https://t.co/JhRl48YHSq
09 Sep 2016 Social IBD patients Rx w/ TNF inhibitors - no higher risk of renal cell carcinoma; 0.8 (0.3-2.5) men & 1.4 (0.2-5.5) women https://t.co/ON7Lchmvnw
12 Sep 2016 Social 180 pts with head & neck cancer treated w/ TNFi or DMARD- TNFi did not increase risk of cancer recurrence (HR 0.75) https://t.co/7tbhO4V0To
12 Sep 2016 Slide of the day CDC Influenza Vaccine Recommendations - 2016–17
13 Sep 2016 Social It's the engine that kills ya’, not the caboose. Dr Cush focuses on the toxic potential of disease activity https://t.co/tCcbiy3anV
15 Sep 2016 News DSB Reports and Updates - September 2016
15 Sep 2016 News New Shingles Vaccine Effective for up to Four Years