Friday, 18 Oct 2019

Drug Safety

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15 Sep 2016 Social Polypharmacy is the most sinister & unaddressed problem in Pt care. Dont Rx a drug without D/C a drug: heres areview
15 Sep 2016 Social RT @LCalabreseDO: The data are intriguing but patient selection is complex @markhymanmd @RheumNow @paijournal #HerpesZoster…
18 Sep 2016 Social CDC Flu vaccine rules 2016-17 - NO flumyst use, give injx flu vaccine before end October, Egg allergy observe 15 min
19 Sep 2016 Social In Spain, after a neg PPD, in 1st 1-2 yrs on TNFI theres a 4.3% seroconvert w/ repeat PPD, thought to be LTBI
19 Sep 2016 News Demyelinating Disease is a Rare Complication of TNF Inhibition.
20 Sep 2016 Social Periprosthetic Fx after Hip Replacement is higher in women, older, RA pts, revision surgery, AVN hx & osteoporosis
23 Sep 2016 Social Mercks' Odanacatib (inhibitor cathepsin K & osteoclast/bone resorption) development halted due to CV/stroke concerns
23 Sep 2016 Social Survey of 226 Rheums shows 90% see depression in their pts, 60% will prescribe antidepressant, refer to psych or PCP
26 Sep 2016 Slide of the day Rules for Managing Pregnancy in RA Patients
26 Sep 2016 Social Serious infections in RA are related to disease activity. The risk w/ biologics is most likely in 1st 6mos. of use.
28 Sep 2016 Social #WhyILuvRheum I have certainty & know the consequences of my patients choices. Without me they can only guess and w…
29 Sep 2016 Social 405 pts (1978-2005) Nonmelanomatous skin cancers increased on MTX (prolonged use), CyA, D-Pen, but not AZA or LEF
29 Sep 2016 News NSAIDs Pose a Dose-Related Risk for Heart Failure Hospitalizations
30 Sep 2016 Social Indomethacin Tx of mice w/ premalignant lesions shows cancer slowing - PGE2 inhib results in more CD8 Tcells and IFN
01 Oct 2016 Social Rates of Septic arthritis increased 43% in UK (5.5-->7.8/100k) over last 15yrs, especially in elderly >75.
03 Oct 2016 ACR Video 4 Contraindications to TNF Inhibitor Use
03 Oct 2016 Slide of the day Four Contraindications to TNF Inhibitor Use
05 Oct 2016 Slide of the day 4 Contraindications to TNF Inhibitor Use
12 Oct 2016 News My Take on New Ocular Screening Guidelines for Plaquenil
12 Oct 2016 Social Medicare study shows no increased risk of breast cancer in RA or IBD women taking MTX, 6MP or TNF inhibitors!