Monday, 20 Jan 2020

Drug Safety

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31 Aug 2015 Social FDA reports 33 cases of joint pain due to diabetes Rx; mostly Januvia, some Onglyza or Tradjenta. Sxs improve w/ DC
03 Sep 2015 Social Drugs associated with an increased risk of PML- natalizumab, rituximab, efalizumab and alemtuzumab, also Cellcept.
03 Sep 2015 News Hospitalized Infections are Higher with the Second Biologic
03 Sep 2015 News SCOT Study Shows NSAID Safety
03 Sep 2015 Social Drs Cush & Tesser review limited treatment options in a difficult RA pt w/ coexistant Coccidioidomycosis.
04 Sep 2015 News Serious Infections Increased in Etanercept-Treated Juvenile Arthritis Patients
04 Sep 2015 News Drug Safety Reports & FDA Updates – August 2015
08 Sep 2015 News Shingles Vaccine Not Cost-Effective in Those Under 60
14 Sep 2015 News Monitoring of Novel Therapies in Rheumatology
25 Sep 2015 News The Deadly Truth behind Paxil’s Study 329
28 Sep 2015 Social NEW FDA Pregnancy & Lactation Labeling Rule (PLLR) finalized 6/30 & will change PI preg info. PLLR review at RheumNow
01 Oct 2015 Social How to dispose of unused or expired meds. Dont Flush 'em. Find Rx take-back events or pharmacies w/ drop boxs
03 Oct 2015 Social Population cohort study shows significantly less risk of NonHodgkin lymphoma w/ Statins - from inflammation control?
06 Oct 2015 Blog Hydrocodone: Then and Now
06 Oct 2015 Social In the wake of Hydocodone restrictions, new problems arise & heroin abuse skyrockets. Dr. Dao blogs on this RheumNow
08 Oct 2015 Social 4504 Danish IBD pts on TNFi studied vs 16420 unexposed showed incr risk of demyelinating dz w/ TNFi (HR 2.19;1-4.7)
08 Oct 2015 Blog Drug Safety Risk Communication: The 800 lb Gorilla Approach
09 Oct 2015 Social No long term consequences (growth, CNS, etc) of breast feeding while on colchicine
09 Oct 2015 Social Colchicine is a category "C" pregnancy risk, appears to be safe @conception & during pregnancy (if needed)
11 Oct 2015 Social Helping patients understand and prioritize the magnitude of their disease vs. the actual risk of drug side effects.