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Drug Safety

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13 Oct 2015 News DSB Reports and Updates - October 2015
14 Oct 2015 News Hydroxychloroquine Retinal Toxicity Reviewed
14 Oct 2015 Social Plaquenil retinopathy is rare; risk incr w/ doses >6.5 mg/kg/d, total >1000g, Rx for >5 yrs, CKD, liver dz, elderly
15 Oct 2015 News Dietary Supplements Send 23,000 to the ER Annually
16 Oct 2015 News Toxoplasma Infections in the Immunosuppressed
19 Oct 2015 Social While ISMP marks pradaxa least safe blood thinner (; FDA approves Praxbind to reverse it (
20 Oct 2015 Social 8 articles on Pregnancy and RA - biomarkers, APL, biologics, outcomes, & more
25 Oct 2015 Social RT @LCalabreseDO: ACIP approves updates to 2016 adult immunization schedule - Rheumatologists need to know!! @Rheu…
29 Oct 2015 Social Statin use may blunt immune reponses to influenza vaccine, especially in elderly.
02 Nov 2015 News Repeat Skin Cancer Risk with Methotrexate and Biologics
02 Nov 2015 News More Adverse Events with Off-Label Drug Use
05 Nov 2015 Social 1/20 pts gets the wrong drug; this is most likely in the elderly & pts on multiple repeat Rxs according to BMJ
06 Nov 2015 News FDA Panel Advises Stronger Warnings on Fluoroquinolones
10 Nov 2015 Social RT @MeghnaJani: Causes of subacute cutaneous lupus, TNFi major culprit & to be aware of lefunomide #ACR15, Joseph Merola…
10 Nov 2015 Social Antimalarial use & Incr CPK common in SLE. #1793 study shows risk highw/ CQ >HCQ, Rx duration & Blacks. Overall 10% risk of myopathy #ACR15
10 Nov 2015 News Concern Still Lingers for Silicone Breast Implants
12 Nov 2015 Social Check out Dr. Kevin Winthrop in RheumNow video on what augments the risk of H. zoster w/ Xeljanz use. #ACR15
13 Nov 2015 News Hypertension Increased in Psoriasis Treated with NSAIDs, Cyclosporine or Steroids
15 Nov 2015 Social Periprosthetic Joint infx: obesity, malnurish, diabetes, RA, anemia, CV dz, CRF, smoking, EtOH abuse, depression
15 Nov 2015 Social RT @LCalabreseDO: ACR Guidelines on HBV screening are seriously dated - stay tuned for ASSLD recs @RheumNow @CleCli…