Tuesday, 15 Oct 2019

Drug Safety

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17 Nov 2015 News Surviving Infection on DMARDs or Biologics
18 Nov 2015 News Alcohol and Methotrexate - What Do You Advise?
18 Nov 2015 Social JAMA study of energy drink (Rockstar) shows increased BP, catecholamines levels that may increase CV risk https://t.co/hxeC61Qkrf
20 Nov 2015 News Opioid Use Ups the Risk of Hospitalized Infections in Rheumatoid Arthritis
22 Nov 2015 Social How much (or no?) Alcohol should be allowed while on MTX - Cush Review and Kremer Comments on RheumNow. https://t.co/1FpaZbZcbW
23 Nov 2015 Social 10 ways to avoid FATAL MTX errors: give folate, avoid bactrim/augmentin, Rx only 30d @ a time, avoid w renal failure https://t.co/CioxKFz9sD
23 Nov 2015 News DSB: ACR 2015 Safety Reports
24 Nov 2015 Social Orencia Rx 72 HBV pts: 47 inactive, 21 occult (+HBc) & 4 chr active carriers(+DNA), 13 antiviral Rx= no reactivation https://t.co/fbI0VucQwn
24 Nov 2015 Social 15 pts w Coccicioidal Tenosynovitis: most CA, DM; 1RA, 1 AS, 1TNFi, high recurrence risk,esp after d/c antifungal Rx https://t.co/2AMGi0osFB
28 Nov 2015 Social What to do with old OTCs https://t.co/92JzKU1I00
30 Nov 2015 News Fertility in RA Linked to Disease Activity, NSAIDs and Prednisone
06 Dec 2015 News Azathioprine Adverse Events Associated with TPMT Polymorphisms
07 Dec 2015 News Drug Safety Update for November 2015
09 Dec 2015 News Two-Fold Increase of Demyelinating Diseases with TNF Inhibition
13 Dec 2015 News CDC Reports Increases in Tularemia
15 Dec 2015 News Herpes Zoster Increases the Risk of Stroke and MI
18 Dec 2015 News When to Taper Patients Off Opioids
22 Dec 2015 News Alcohol and Methotrexate - What Do You Advise? (Best of 2015: #9)
22 Dec 2015 News Preventing Hepatitis B Reactivation Due to Immunosuppressive Drug Treatments (Best of 2015)
25 Dec 2015 Blog 11 Pearls for Pregnancy Management in Rheumatoid Arthritis (Best of 2015: #6)