Thursday, 23 Jan 2020

Drug Safety

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01 Jan 2016 News DSB: Managing Methotrexate Toxicity (Best of 2015: #1)
11 Jan 2016 News Prescribing Rules
19 Jan 2016 News DSB Reports & Updates - January 2016
19 Jan 2016 News French Cannibinoid Phase I Study Gone Wrong
27 Jan 2016 Blog How to Handle Latex Allergies and Biologics
30 Jan 2016 Social @RonanTKavanagh Very large 683 cohort only showed NS trend. Probs? 1) mixed RA w/ PsA/IBD; 2) unable to adjust for Dz activity,Age, comorb.
01 Feb 2016 News No Significant Increased Risk with TNF Inhibitors During Pregnancy
02 Feb 2016 News Rheumatoid Arthritis, TNF inhibitors and the Risk of Skin Cancer
04 Feb 2016 News Should You Avoid Pneumococcal Vaccine in CAPS and Behcet's Patients
08 Feb 2016 News Racial Disparity in Cardiovascular Risks with Connective Tissue Disorders
13 Feb 2016 Social #RWCS 2016 Dr. Mahadevan recs notifying PCP/Peds MDs not to vaccinate w/ live viruses in newborns (<6mos) born to moms taking TNF inhibitors
15 Feb 2016 Social JAMA Neurology population study shows chronic PPI use assoc w/ #Dementia - causal or casual uncertain
18 Feb 2016 Social Opioid Use Increases the Risk of Hospitalized Infections in Rheumatoid Arthritis patients.
22 Feb 2016 Slide of the day Causes of Drug-Induced Myopathy
23 Feb 2016 Social Canadian study of 56K RA pts found 37 TB & 211 NTM infxns. Risk increased w/ TNFi, Arava, Pred, CTX, AZA, CyA, MMF.
24 Feb 2016 Social Metanalyses shows influenza vaccine in #SLE is safe, doesnt flare SLE, is moderately effective; lower seroconversion
24 Feb 2016 Blog Diabolical Negativism
25 Feb 2016 News Cell Phone Study Proves Car Crash Risk
25 Feb 2016 Social CDC reports current flu vaccine is 59% effective & should still be promoted. Flu season began late this year.
25 Feb 2016 Social French guideline on infection prevention in #SLE: do flu, pneumovax, no live virus, no consensus on pneumocystis.