Tuesday, 15 Oct 2019

Drug Safety

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27 Feb 2016 Social Monarticular brucellosis: SI in young, shoulder in old; Knee, ankle, wrist benign. SI, hip, shoulder more severe dz https://t.co/24EKzne8bV
02 Mar 2016 Social Limited experience w/ Actemra exposed 61 pregnancies- no congenital anomaly, 36 births, 18% Spont Ab, 5 low birth Wt https://t.co/gUR3fShUwI
02 Mar 2016 News Methotrexate Safety with Chronic Hepatitis B Infection
06 Mar 2016 Social New AAOS studies highlight the need to avoid intarticular steroids in the 3 mos prior to joint replacement surgery. https://t.co/5SdhZkyT4c
07 Mar 2016 Social Guidance on when and how to vaccinate against Herpes Zoster delivered by Dr Cush at the RWCS 2016 conference https://t.co/gcnhaY9koo
08 Mar 2016 Social Low dose aspirin lowers risk of colon and rectal cancer; but not breast, prostate or lung cancer -https://t.co/wj0qcgUEW9
09 Mar 2016 Social Risk of hospitalized infection in RA w/ prior biologic Rx is higher in Enbrel, Remicade, Rituxan compared to Orencia https://t.co/tDdjNNFej0
14 Mar 2016 Social Opportunistic infx occurs in 0.05% of TNFi pts: TB, Histo, nTM, cocci, blasto, crypto. Steroids nearly doubles risk. https://t.co/Z6CEDLffNw
17 Mar 2016 Social Metanalysis shows there is no link between Leflunomide use in RA and Lung disease. https://t.co/KbukMqdqCE
21 Mar 2016 Social Review of vaccines in RA: flu & pneumovax underutilized, tolerated & immunogenic w/ DMARDs but not RTX https://t.co/wuivxGdklh
22 Mar 2016 Social FDA proposes ban on powdered gloves citing more adverse events, airway & wound inflammation & postsurgical adhesions https://t.co/v16noXzkcY
22 Mar 2016 News Statin-Induced Autoimmune Myopathy
23 Mar 2016 Social Statin use is assoc. w/ a 21% increased risk of skin cancer (NMSC) - data from >130K postmenopausal women (WHI) https://t.co/2uxJOC719Y
24 Mar 2016 News Increasing Polypharmacy and Drug Interactions in Seniors
26 Mar 2016 Social RT @CBSHealth: Flu season in March?! Doctors warn it's not over yet https://t.co/4emWq1GHiU
26 Mar 2016 Social RT @medicalaxioms: Making a movie (@vaxxedthemovie) does not outweigh the millions of hours that science has spent failing to link autism t…
26 Mar 2016 Social RT @roseperson: Sigh. Here we go again. #publichealth #vaccineswork #Tribeca2016 https://t.co/Re7nf1IHZc
26 Mar 2016 Social RT @NYTHealth: 3/ The Lancet, the journal that published the study on vaccines and autism, retracted it in 1998 https://t.co/qvp2NrRQfx
27 Mar 2016 Social Review of vaccines in RA: flu & pneumovax underutilized, tolerated & immunogenic w/ DMARDs but not RTX https://t.co/VC3SP2Ynjv
28 Mar 2016 News Biologics Are Safe When Used During Pregnancy in IBD