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Drug Safety

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30 Mar 2016 News Drug Safety Bulletin - March 2016
31 Mar 2016 Social 176 RA pts high Dz activity & comorbidity (^Charlson scr)predicts 2-3x higher risk of serious infections (8.7/100PY)
07 Apr 2016 News Statin Side Effects Are For Real
12 Apr 2016 News Population-Based TB Risk and Prevention with RA and Biologics
18 Apr 2016 Social Despite EHR reminders & efforts to improve, Vaccination of RA pts remains less than expected, esp for HZ & Pneuvx
19 Apr 2016 Social Acute eval for hip/knee periprosthetic joint infection calls for xrays, CBC, ESR, CRP; if high then joint aspiration
24 Apr 2016 Social ID maven Dr. Kevin Winthrop has 5 Dos & Donts on Vaccine Use in Rheum pts - high dose flu, when to use Prevnar, etc
05 May 2016 News FDA REMS/Safety Panel Backs Educational Requirements for Opioid Prescribers
05 May 2016 Social BMJ study shows >250,000 deaths/Yr in US due to medical errors – making it the 3rd leading cause of death
06 May 2016 News Risk of Steroid-Induced Diabetes Quantified
09 May 2016 Social Review of Elderly RA pts on TNFi & Biologics show equal efficacy and safety, but age addes to serious infection risk
10 May 2016 News Moderate Alcohol Intake While on Methotrexate Appears Prudent
11 May 2016 Social French registry of 976 RA pts on Abatacept. Risk of Serious infection predicted by advancing age & prior Hx of SIE
13 May 2016 Social FDA warns that serious side effx of fluoroquinolones obviates use in sinusitis, bronchitis, UTI (safer Rx options)
16 May 2016 Social Patients should NOT do: 1. Stop/change meds, 2. Stop meds without talking to prescriber, 3. Take someone elses meds, 4. buy natural remedies
18 May 2016 Blog Improving Drug Safety Communications
22 May 2016 Social Patients should NOT: 1. Stop/change meds, 2. Stop meds without talking to prescriber, 3. Take someone elses meds, 4. buy $$$natural remedies
22 May 2016 Social Talking drug safety? Be consistent (have a plan); be clear (brief understandable analogies); give actionable advice
23 May 2016 News TB Management Questions
24 May 2016 Social Late-onset neutropenia w/ Rituxan seen 6.5%, not usually assoc w/ serious infx, GCSF ineffective? RTX re-Rx possible