Wednesday, 16 Oct 2019

Drug Safety

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04 Feb 2018 Social Risk factors for retinal toxicity associated with hydroxychloroquine include longer duration of HCQ use [adj OR 4.71], higher daily dose (3.34), presence of kidney disease (8.56)
03 Jul 2018 Social Metanalysis of checkpoint inhibitor (nivolumab, pembrolizumab or atezolizumab)shows high rates of hypothyroidism (OR 7.6), pneumonitis (5.4), colitis (2.9), hypophysitis (3.4), rash (2.4), fatigue (32%), diarrhea (19%) &> 20% w/ arthraligia or back pain.
26 Nov 2018 Social Could routine use of hydroxychloroquine reduce the rate of serious infections in immunosuppressed patients? A modest to moderate risk reduction noted in two large SLE cohort studies.
06 May 2019 Social The RheumNow Podcast is up – DESIREABLE Results (5.3.19) WATCH it here or listen to the PODCAST on iTunes (Apple Car Play) or SoundCloud here>>
05 Jul 2016 Social @RonanTKavanagh Jury still out. ACR says DMARDs or RTX but pts on RTX or TNFi can get melanoma. I would use best biologic avail. & avoid TNF
06 Oct 2017 Social 2016 US Top selling drugs: Humira $13.6 billion, Enbrel $7.4 billion, Remicade $5.3 billion, Lyrica $4.4B,RTX $3.9B
15 Nov 2017 Social FDA issues a Safety Alert over FEBUXOSTAT and increased risk of Cardiac Death (compared to allopurinol users). This…
05 Mar 2018 Social Rituximab associated adverse events are more common in treating lymphoma/leukemi ( 25-36%) than with autoimmune dz (9-17%) and are more common with splenomegaly, anemia, hx of allergies, age.
06 Aug 2018 Social MAINRITSAN2 compared fixed dose (q 6 mos) RTX to "tailored" RTX (to CD19, ANCA titers) in 162 AAV (GPA, MPA) pts - BVAS/relapse rates similar betw fixed (17%) vs tailored (10%) (p=0.22) w/ less infusions in the latter (248 vs 381).
08 Jan 2019 Social QD Video from RheumNow - Dicusssion of statins and myalgias/arthralgias.
17 Jun 2019 Social RT @tuna0sashimi: Please please publish this so we can quote it for our patients RT @CreakyJoints: Reassuring news about hair loss and meth…
27 Jul 2016 Social FDA warns against using fluoroquinolones (to Rx UTI, bronchitis etc) if other safer Rx options exist.
09 Aug 2017 Social "Prednisone is the best drug we have, and prednisone is the worst drug we have"- Peter A. Merkel, MD
20 Oct 2017 Social At #APLAR2017 I taught how to manage post-MTX related CNS toxicity "the blahs" with weekly dextromethorphan 20-50mg given w MTX & day after
17 Dec 2017 Social Sanofi recalls SYNVISC-One, specifically one batch of ~12,000 plus distributed between Oct. 25 -Nov. 7, 2017 only in the USA
12 Apr 2018 Social In early arthritis clinics in Leeds and UK ERAS study (454 &895 pts), DMARD free remission seen in 15-9.4%; predictors included acute onset, short Sx duration, NO smoking, No Xray damage, Seronegativity, absent HLA shared epitope alleles
17 Sep 2018 Social NSAID-exacerbated respiratory disease occurs in 1/10 pts with asthma and rhinosinusitis- There are new expert guidelines on recognition, management, high morbidity and mortality risks.
24 Feb 2019 Social QD Clinic Week 6 Podcast - case based lessons from the real world. Discusion of Pregnancy Rules, Optimizing MTX, Changing DMARDs, Stopping Anakinra in Still's, NP decisions. Listen on iTUNES or Here
22 Aug 2016 Social Patients receiving IL-1 inhibitors (anakinra) may be at higher risk for Streptococcus infections.
13 Jan 2017 Social ARTIS & DANBIO registries: SpA(AS, PsA) TNFI Rx does NOT increase risk of cancer overall, nor 6 most common types CA