Thursday, 24 Aug 2017

Drug Safety

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29 Apr 2017 Social #SOTA2017 Dr. Bingham Most common joints are large - knees ankels shoulders, many w/ Small - MCPs PIPs wrists, ReA in 2 pts
29 Apr 2017 Social #SOTA2017 Dr. Bingham, seen only a few +ANA, all neg for RF, CCP, Joint fluid WBC 9-28K, PMN predominant, Imaging effusions, synovitis
29 Apr 2017 Social #SOTA2017 Dr Bingham John's Hopkins case experiences, pts tx for metastatic refractory cancer with ICI
29 Apr 2017 Social RT @DrRachelTate: "Confusion with effusion!" Dr. Bingham describes multiple ways of reporting adverse events/arthralgia @RheumNow #SOTA2017…
29 Apr 2017 Social #SOTA2017 Dr Bingham here's example case. Develop urethritis, sinusitis, oligoarthritis on pred 120/d, inflammatory…
29 Apr 2017 Social RT @DrRachelTate: "When we activate the immune system we can see immune responses unrelated to malignancy" C. Bingham, MD @RheumNow #SOTA20…
29 Apr 2017 Social #SOTA2017 Dr Bingham findings from 3 melanoma trials with ICIs
29 Apr 2017 Social #SOTA2017 Dr Bingham team systematice review of PD1 PDL1 CTLA4 inhibitos and MSK manaifestions, Arthralgia <43%,myalgia <20%, Arthritis 1-7%
29 Apr 2017 Social #SOTA2017 Dr Bingham talk about therapy used to TX non rheumatic AEs with ICI, immune check point inhibitors
28 Apr 2017 Social BSR meeting reports study of 19,162 pts on a biologic shows risk of opportunistic infections to b 1/1000 over 5+yrs
27 Apr 2017 Social If switching from po to subcut MTX (intolerance,efficacy) to improve bioavailability, best to maintain the same dose
20 Apr 2017 News Paradoxical Toxicities with TNF Inhibitors
19 Apr 2017 Social Bariticinib news is crazy. FDA CR letter means NDA cant be approved in present form; more data requested, Sit & wait
13 Apr 2017 Social RT @CCalabreseDO: 2017 ACIP vaccination update: those w/liver disease (e.g. HCV) should receive hep B vaccine series
13 Apr 2017 News Acute Steroid Use Comes with Risk
12 Apr 2017 News Celecoxib Plus PPI Preferred in High Risk Patients
12 Apr 2017 Social NY Times article on "deprescribing" and polypharmacy - 1/3 hosp involve a drug AE, 400,000 preventable drug AE/year
10 Apr 2017 Social Safety data not equal betw RA & psoriasis. Death/SAE is 40% less in Pso; RA pts 2x rates of SAE, more cardiac, infx
08 Apr 2017 Social Dr. Laura Cappelli Immue related adverse events -colitis rash, vitiligo, thyroiditis, hypophysitis, myocarditis, CNS, neuropathy, hepatitis
07 Apr 2017 News Biologic Safety Holds Up in RA