Tuesday, 19 Nov 2019

Drug Safety

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23 Sep 2019 Social FDA issues warning against the use of higher doses of Imodium (loperamide) - has been associated with "serious heart problems and deaths with much higher than the recommended doses of loperamide". https://t.co/UxPn6F6BL0
22 Sep 2019 Social The RheumNow Podcast is up – Vitamin D or Rituximab- Belive it or not? Watch it on RheumNow>> https://t.co/bX5u9KcKYz or listen to the podcast on iTunes or SoundCloud>> https://t.co/MxDcIyej3L
18 Sep 2019 Social RT @psufka: This podcast is a must listen for anyone in healthcare. https://t.co/q5Oociau7r
15 Sep 2019 Social The End of Arthritis - a RheumNow Podcast is up. See it here> https://t.co/lzqUWFDRB3 or listen to the podcast on iTunes or SoundCloud> https://t.co/M1DfgZwtzT
28 Aug 2019 Social RT @dcmarbury: Wow. Just wow. This is frigging terrible. How has this flown under the radar for so long? #greed #corruption #pbms #terri…
28 Aug 2019 News Checkpoint Inhibitors: Who Gets Myocarditis?
14 Aug 2019 Social Kaiser study from N California shows increasing trend in cannabis use w/ #pregnancy. Sample of 367 403 pregnancies in 276 991 women between 2009-18, cannibis use rose from 1.95% to 3.38% - ?increasing acceptance & decreasing perceptions of harms? https://t.co/VdOPrCsZQ1
12 Aug 2019 Slide of the day CANTOS vs. CIRT Trial Comparison
09 Aug 2019 News NSAIDs Mediate Cardiovascular Risk in OA
05 Aug 2019 Social Claims analysis of f 45,208 TNFi +MTX initiators and 1,387 triple DMARD (MSH) initiators showed no significant difference in the risk of serious infections (2.46 TNFi+MTX vs 2.03 triple DMARD/100PY) (HR 1.23; 0.87‐1.74) https://t.co/pe52p8Xtrv
29 Jul 2019 Social Testosterone replacement therapy Increases the risk of CV events (MI/CVA/TIA). Study of 15,401 men, >45 yrs old, w/ low testosterone & no evidence of hypogonadotropic or testicular dz (1995-2017). HR 1.21; CI 1.0-1.46), highest in the 1st 2yrs https://t.co/nNXyFIo1EH
28 Jul 2019 Social Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has adopted a negative opinion on Application for romosozumab (Evenity) for the treatment of severe osteoporosis (by Amgen & UCB); an appeal is planned https://t.co/EVjxuBQdF0
26 Jul 2019 Social The RheumNow Podcast is up! News, Announcements of generics/biosimilars, approvals and FDA hearings. Watch the video here>> https://t.co/3tW7uRivgQ or listen to the podcast on iTunes>> https://t.co/q2bscJkIhs
26 Jul 2019 Social RT @RheumNow: The FDA Arthritis Advisory Committee has voted 10-7 in favor of approving the to consider the antifibrotic drug, nintedanib f…
26 Jul 2019 Social FDA puts a New Boxed Warning on #tofacitinib for Blood Clots and Death with Higher Doses (10 mg bid). https://t.co/Bzgst3ooo0
26 Jul 2019 News Tofacitinib Gets a New Boxed Warning for Blood Clots and Death with Higher Doses
25 Jul 2019 Social The FDA Arthritis Advisory Committee has voted 10-7 in favor of approving the to consider the antifibrotic drug, nintedanib for the treatment of systemic sclerosis-associated interstitial lung disease (SSc-ILD) https://t.co/UNlpQNJAim
25 Jul 2019 Social FDA warning about meds that may impair driving (car, bus, train, plane, or boat) - Especially opioids, benzodiazepines, antidepressants, muscle relaxants, sleep meds, motion sickness & diet pills, ADD or “stay awake” drugs https://t.co/P08wvds0GK
18 Jul 2019 Social anti-MDA5+ amyopathic dermatomyositis (ADM) with ILD is severe and refractory. NEJM letter reports on 18 ADM Rx w/ tofacitinibs who showed better 6 mo survival (100% vs 78%) (P=0.04) and improved ferritin, FVC, DLCO, & CT Chest over time. https://t.co/lsVGPxChoO
18 Jul 2019 Social Can Febuxostat be given to Allopurinol Hypersensitivity? Such pts not included in registrations trials; yet many literature reports of no toxicity & rare cross-Rxn; PI says ULORIC indicated w/ intolerant to allopurinol, or when allopurinol Tx not advisable https://t.co/KG36Ls6VsI