Tuesday, 16 Oct 2018

Drug Safety

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28 May 2015 Blog The Evolution of Drug Safety
28 May 2015 Social Study of Ontario RA pt >67 yrs, shows TNFi use has higher risk of TB (RR=5) &NTM (RR=2). Pred & HCQ incr risk of NTM http://t.co/eRghMtonS7
31 May 2015 Slide of the day Pregnancy and Lactation Labeling Rule (PLLR)
31 May 2015 News Polypharmacy Puts Elderly at Risk
03 Jun 2015 Social Dr Chris Ritchlin reports a case of DRESS syndrome (drug rash,eosinophilia & systemic Sxs)w/ certain drugs exposures http://t.co/KlVjdvl0zC
09 Jun 2015 Social RT @WSJhealth: U.S. Cancer Study to Match Existing Drugs to Genetic Mutations http://t.co/LlBISgrzhI
17 Jun 2015 News DSB: EULAR 2015 Safety Reports
17 Jun 2015 Social Among 17,145 early RA pts, 364 hadincident hyperlipidemia. Rates not higher w/ TNFi & DMARDs, but were lower w/ HCQ http://t.co/kJMtOD7sUv
20 Jun 2015 Social Drug Safety Bulletin: EULAR 2015 Safety Reports @RheumNow, TNFi and Biologics lower risk of Sepsis & death after SIE http://t.co/aMu1hNXR0K
30 Jun 2015 Social Study shows bone-Jt TB = 3.8% of all TB (esp young immigrants). Spine common (54%) w/ neurologic sxs & cauda equina http://t.co/FwxpierZCS
09 Jul 2015 Social Likely that this positive result (>10mm) lead to treatment and prophylaxis that lowered risk https://t.co/PIFOMQgZhp
10 Jul 2015 News Health Canada Issues Acetaminophen Advisory
10 Jul 2015 News FDA Strengthens MI and CVA Risks Associated with NSAIDs
14 Jul 2015 Social Drug Safety DONTs:1) use anothers pills; 2) change dosingt; 3) crush tablets; 4) ignore expire date; 5) store in heat http://t.co/RXiBA4jQgB
15 Jul 2015 Social Top 10 Problems w/ MD-Pt communications: 1 Rx written @11th Grd level, 2 Using medical jargon, 3 Small font printout http://t.co/BygmyTXPPn
15 Jul 2015 Social 4 Sending pts to internet for info, 5 Not using graphics, 6 Cultural awareness/sensitivity, 7 info in wrong language http://t.co/gfUUczu4rT
15 Jul 2015 Social 8 talking too fast, 9 pt comprehension not shown, 10 not explaining Rx bottle labels http://t.co/iaZu6fBwwH
17 Jul 2015 News DSB Reports & Updates – July 2015
17 Jul 2015 News Intracranial Hemorrhage with Combined NSAID and Antidepressant Use
17 Jul 2015 News The Spread of Lyme Disease in the US