Friday, 13 Sep 2019

Drug Safety

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14 Feb 2017 Social Do HBV testing with TCZ! Study shows HBV reactivation w/ tocilizumab Rx only with Chronic HBV, not Resolved HBV
16 Feb 2019 Social Dr Anne Stevens. Other arc options for localized scleroderma include tocilizumab and abatacept. #RWCS2019
14 Sep 2017 Social No difference in folic acid low dose vs high dose use with regard to hepatotoxicity of MTX.
06 May 2017 Social FDA Guide to Drug Safety. Black Box Warning; appears on drugs label to alert of serious or life-threatening risks
26 May 2017 Social RT @CCalabreseDO: debunking vaccine myths. very important! @healiorheum @rheumnow
25 May 2015 Social 10,763 AS pts from Taiwan showed long-term Cox2 or NSAIDs had fewer CV events & short term NSAIDs had incr CV events
20 Dec 2017 Social The problem of nonadherence to meds, not filling Prescriptions is a big one. NYT reviews it stating that the only promising solution is cheaper meds
04 Jul 2018 Social "Prednisone is the best drug we have, and prednisone is the worst drug we have"- Peter A. Merkel, MD
13 May 2019 Social PCSK9 inhibitors (ie, Repatha) can safetly be used in Statin-induced HMGCR+ myopathy pts . 8 pts given PCSK9 inhib for hyperlipidemia, showed no Sx worsening, CK levels dropped (956±1137 IU/L to 419±393 IU/L) & HMGCR Ab titers decreased; 2/8 improved
09 Oct 2017 Social HCQ decreases CV events, DM 41% & benefits metabolic profile in RA- HCQ useful add on w/ other DMARDs @DrPetryna
15 Jul 2015 Social 4 Sending pts to internet for info, 5 Not using graphics, 6 Cultural awareness/sensitivity, 7 info in wrong language
14 Feb 2018 Social FDA grants priority review for Genentechs Rituxan for use in pemphigus vulgaris
02 Sep 2016 Social @RonanTKavanagh Such sites cull medwatch reports, but dont verify. Accuracy is low. TNFi rarely reported w/ renal AE
24 Aug 2018 Social RT @RheumNow: Which Anti-Rheumatic is shown/known to be a clear teratogen and thus pregnancy must be prevented/avoided when taking this dru…
26 Oct 2018 Social RT @ARD_BMJ: New ACR guidelines for treatment management during pregnancy in patients with rheumatic diseases #ACR18 > AM…
26 Jun 2019 Social ORAL Strategy, 216 or 18.8% received the Zostvax vaccine. Overall, 18 patients (1.6%) developed HZ (vaccinated=3; non-vaccinated=15). HZ IRs (95% CI) were 1.1 (0.3, 2.9), 2.3 (1.0, 4.6), and 1.7 (0.6, 3.7) for tofa monotherapy, tofa+MTX, & ADA+MTX, resp.
28 Mar 2017 Social RT @LCalabreseDO: About one in five Americans with RA gets tested for hepatitis B WHY? because ACR GUIDLINES ARE IN…
06 Nov 2017 Social RT @psufka: Oral corticosteroids increase risk of preterm birth in all trimesters (regardless DMARD exposure)#ACR17 @rheumnow #1313
06 Mar 2016 Social New AAOS studies highlight the need to avoid intarticular steroids in the 3 mos prior to joint replacement surgery.
20 Sep 2016 Social Periprosthetic Fx after Hip Replacement is higher in women, older, RA pts, revision surgery, AVN hx & osteoporosis