Tuesday, 10 Dec 2019

Drug Safety

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22 Jul 2015 Social Great review of managing biologic therapy in RA in patients at risk for hepatitis B reactivation. http://t.co/4jJEALFRFT
27 Jul 2015 News What's Your Diagnosis? Truncal Rash, Arthritis and +ANA
28 Jul 2015 Social Retrospective study 2,023 dermatomyositis/polymyositis & controls showed DM/PM had a 4 fold higher risk of H.zoster http://t.co/jeAPLZxKjV
31 Jul 2015 Social Heparin induced thrombocytopenia reviewed: >50% drop Plt 5-10d after heparin. Dx by Platelet factor 4–heparin Ab test http://t.co/JFBXuP1lgE
03 Aug 2015 News Legionella Outbreak in NYC
04 Aug 2015 News Safety Reports in the News
04 Aug 2015 Blog Better Zoster Vaccine Options on the Horizon
07 Aug 2015 Social New Vaccine options for Herpes zoster reviewed by Dr.Artie Kavanaugh at RheumNow http://t.co/WdMXlplKMO
12 Aug 2015 News DSB: Managing Methotrexate Toxicity
12 Aug 2015 Social Leflunomide (Arava) shortages driving you crazy? Access and options covered at RheumNow http://t.co/pyUY6RYGxR
14 Aug 2015 Social Do you have the means of formal clinical med reviews w/ pharmacist? They can improve adherence, compliance, outcomes http://t.co/HgShWp94Gp
17 Aug 2015 News Long-Term Safety of Rituximab
18 Aug 2015 News Patients Unaware that Smoking Worsens IBD
19 Aug 2015 News Cancer Risk Is Both Increased and Decreased in RA
21 Aug 2015 Blog 11 Pearls for Pregnancy Management in Rheumatoid Arthritis
23 Aug 2015 Social Follow Drug Safety Informatoin at RheumNow; register at http://t.co/4rnWQl5zBr http://t.co/xvsNfpAvPV
24 Aug 2015 Slide of the day DMARD Use with Hepatic Disease
27 Aug 2015 News Female "Viagra Pill" Controversy - Grandstanding or Equal Rights?
29 Aug 2015 Social Kawasaki disease reviewed: High fever, cracked lips, strawberry tongue, Cx lymph nodes, coronary aneurysms http://t.co/Du8Id8CuFA #rheumed
30 Aug 2015 Social Preconception Paternal DMARD/MTX exposure is not associated with untoward fetal outcomes http://t.co/FsoeRMOX3d