Tuesday, 19 Nov 2019

Drug Safety

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24 May 2019 ACR Video RheumNow Live Preview with Dr. Eric Matteson (History of Steroids)
15 May 2019 ACR Video RheumNow Live Preview with Dr. Jack Cush (Infection Prevention & Management with Newer Agents)
14 May 2019 News Methotrexate Use Not Linked to Interstitial Lung Disease in RA
13 May 2019 Social PCSK9 inhibitors (ie, Repatha) can safetly be used in Statin-induced HMGCR+ myopathy pts . 8 pts given PCSK9 inhib for hyperlipidemia, showed no Sx worsening, CK levels dropped (956±1137 IU/L to 419±393 IU/L) & HMGCR Ab titers decreased; 2/8 improved https://t.co/iSuPz6ptBY
10 May 2019 Slide of the day Relative Risk of HBV Reactivation
07 May 2019 Social RT @philipcrobinson: A bit of welcome data on this -> Abatacept concentrations in maternal serum and breast milk during breastfeeding and a…
07 May 2019 Social RT @philipcrobinson: New data on tocilizumab in pregnancy, upshot is: "Tocilizumab concentrations in cord blood and infant serum were 80–90…
06 May 2019 Social The RheumNow Podcast is up – DESIREABLE Results (5.3.19) WATCH it here https://t.co/uyYKxw21Kd or listen to the PODCAST on iTunes (Apple Car Play) or SoundCloud here>> https://t.co/HW0aDJo90Q
06 May 2019 Social Recent Methotrexate use lowers Cardivascular risk by 20% finds a Study of 23,994 elderly RA patients. 13.7% had a CVE (28.5 events per 1000 PY; 95% CI 27.6–29.5). https://t.co/yyR5DUTfF8
06 May 2019 Social Cush offers drug 'safety rules to live by' for rheumatologists https://t.co/5BKBKZjyNw
03 May 2019 Social 2019 FDA Drug Safety Warnings all pertain to Rheumatology agents 1) boxed warning for sleep meds; 2) harms w/ sudden opioid stops; 3) risk of VTE with high dose tofacitinib; 4) cardiac risks with febuxostat https://t.co/yHYqWJ7pow
01 May 2019 News FDA Adds Boxed Warning to Sleep Drugs
25 Apr 2019 Social Danish study of 92 355 adults compared Fx rates between new users of denosumab (DEN) or alendronate - finds no advantage for DEN for hip Fx (aHR 1.08; 0.92-1.28) or any Fx (aHR 0.92; 0.83-1.02). Data doesnt support preference for DEN in high risk pts. https://t.co/dpyRF9VxH6
24 Apr 2019 Social Metanalysis shows NSAIDS increase rates of delayed union or nonunion (OR 2.07; 1.19 to 3.61) in adults with fracture, osteotomy, fusion surgery; but not in pediatrics (OR 0.58) or with low dose/short duration NSAID exposure (OR 1.68). https://t.co/0tM8OFLhzt
23 Apr 2019 Social Do you use PJP prophylaxis w/ Bactrim in RA pts? 2640 RA pts found only 19 cases of pneumocystis pneumonia. Risk factors were high dose MTX (OR 4.5), >65 yrs (OR 3.7), ≥2 ISPs (3.7), prednisolone ≥5 (OR 12.4) - a combo of these has a 2.3-5.8% riskof PJP. https://t.co/5Pf2FskE30
22 Apr 2019 Slide of the day Vaccination Deficit in Rheumatology
12 Apr 2019 News Update on Vaccines in Autoimmune Patients
11 Apr 2019 Social 36 studies of 6662 depression patients shows the addition of antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs, steriods, statins, cytokine inhib, minocycline) improved antidepressant effects in Major Depression pts without increasing the risk of side‐effects. https://t.co/RdRNtVCfjh
11 Apr 2019 Social MMWR reports that for the 8th yr in a row the US TB rate dropped 1.3% to 2.8 per 100,000. In 2018 there were 9029 TB cases (69% in non–U.S.-born). TB risk in non-US born was >14 times that of U.S.-born persons. https://t.co/qdzvyavNVX
10 Apr 2019 ACR Video RheumNow Live Preview with Dr. Len Calabrese