Thursday, 24 Aug 2017

Drug Safety

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30 Jan 2017 Social Recent review of Humira safety in >15k pts shows only 3 congenital anomalies (~4%) that was less than controls (~5%)
25 Jan 2017 News DSB - Safety Update and Drug Shortages January 2017
23 Jan 2017 Social Canada to consider sticker warnings that "opioid painkillers can cause addiction and overdose"
23 Jan 2017 Social Study of 565k people shows chronic PPI has a nearly 2 fold risk of C. dificile & 4 fold risk of campylobacter infxn
19 Jan 2017 Social RT @RonanTKavanagh: Nicotine exacerbates arthritis ➡️therefore E-cigs may do so too?
16 Jan 2017 News PPIs Reduce Post-Hip Fracture Mortality
13 Jan 2017 Social Hepatosplenic T cell lymphoma:a rare event w/ TNFi- but is more common in IBD pts (younger), receiving thiopurines
13 Jan 2017 Social ARTIS & DANBIO registries: SpA(AS, PsA) TNFI Rx does NOT increase risk of cancer overall, nor 6 most common types CA
11 Jan 2017 Social There is no interaction betweek low dose weekly MTX and NSAIDs, PCNs or PPIs.
10 Jan 2017 Social Chronic PPI use assoc w/ 74% more C difficile infxns & 2.5-fold risk of recurrent C difficile wiht chronic PPI
09 Jan 2017 News Less Education Yields Higher Cardiovascular Risk
09 Jan 2017 Social 94 pts w/ MTX pancytopenia in elderly; 24% mortality; risk factors age>65, sepsis + hypoalbuminemia
05 Jan 2017 Social Adverse Events w/ Proton Pump Inhib(PPI) reviewed at RheumNow. Low Mg+, more C. Diff infx, AKI & CKD risk ^ 2+ fold
04 Jan 2017 Social RT @RonanTKavanagh: Nice summary of vaccines for patients with inflammatory diseases (can never find this list when…
03 Jan 2017 News PPI Safety Issues
02 Jan 2017 News A Low Risk of Inflammatory Bowel Disease with IL-17 Inhibition
02 Jan 2017 Social CDC confirms current influenza vaccines correctly cover strains seen 2016-17.Also these are senstive to antiviral Rx
21 Dec 2016 Social 20 yrs ago Rx w/ Campath-1(alemtuzumab)caused cytopenia & was Dropped. 20 yrs later no evidence of immunosuppression
19 Dec 2016 Social FDA withdraws black box warning (for depression, suicide) on Chantix
19 Dec 2016 News Risk of GI Perforations on Biologics