Friday, 15 Dec 2017

Drug Safety

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09 Aug 2017 Social Edit: Vast majority of chronic hepatitis C can safely receive TNFi (WITH LABS AND MONITORING)
07 Aug 2017 Social RT @RheumNow: When biosimilars are available, when will you prescribe them?
05 Aug 2017 Social Dr. Cush reviews FDA on sirukumab & tofacitinib and other news from the past week on
31 Jul 2017 News August 2nd AAC Meeting: FDA Concerns Over Sirukumab Deaths
21 Jul 2017 Social GSK receives FDA approval for self-injectable formulation of Benlysta (belimumab) for systemic lupus erythematosus
20 Jul 2017 Social RT @DrPetryna: Bottoms up! Prosp stdy:moderate drinkers at lower risk of ≥2 falls& falls requiring medic care in pts>60yo @RheumNow https:/…
19 Jul 2017 News CDC: Pneumococcal Vaccination in Adults
12 Jun 2017 News Suspending Methotrexate for Influenza Vaccination
08 Jun 2017 News Debate over Alcohol and Methotrexate Precautions
03 Jun 2017 Social Good overview on TB (tuberculosis) skin testing and interpretation
30 May 2017 Social Rare MTX-induced skin necrosis w/ skin erosions, oral ulcers, cytopenia, 17% mortality. @Ris =age>60, CRI, no folate
26 May 2017 Social RT @CCalabreseDO: debunking vaccine myths. very important! @healiorheum @rheumnow
25 May 2017 Social FDA has studied the safety and outcomes of Gadolinium deposition in brain tissues (after MRI); no observed toxicity
24 May 2017 Social Claims data on 2495 JIA pts shows significantly more serious bacterial infx w/ TNFi use (HR 2.72) compared to DMARDs
24 May 2017 Social Among 323 ANCA-Assoc Vasculitis pts, CTX Rx(SIR 3.1) had 4.6 more cancers than RTX (SIR 0.67); RTX = pop Cancer rate
11 May 2017 News NSAIDs Increase Risk of Acute Myocardial Infarction
10 May 2017 News One-Third of FDA Approvals Need Post-Marketing Safety Changes
09 May 2017 Social RT @CCalabreseDO: Fluoroquinolone use associated with carpal tunnel syndrome @RheumNow @HealioRheum
06 May 2017 Social FDA Guide to Drug Safety. Black Box Warning; appears on drugs label to alert of serious or life-threatening risks
05 May 2017 Social RT @medicalaxioms: Any effective medicine will have side effects. Any medicine with no side effects is ineffective.