Tuesday, 17 Sep 2019

Drug Safety

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17 Oct 2018 News Update on Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Toxicity
11 Oct 2018 Social Ustekinumab is already approved for Crohn's colitis, now shows efficacy in 960 refractory ulcerative colitis patients given 2 doses of 130 mg sc https://t.co/5ILFRAwOcZ
11 Oct 2018 Social Rituximab shown to be superior to tacrolimus in treating children with nephrotic syndrome with better 12 mos relapse-free survival rate (90.0% vs 63.3%) and less mean cumulative steroid use (25.8 vs 86.3 mg/kg). https://t.co/P1YzDmTvPh
07 Oct 2018 Social 6 million women get pregnant in the US annually, yet ~90% take at least one medication while pregnant or lactating. Why is there so little research done in pregnant women? NICHHD has sent 15 recommendations to Alex Azar at HHS for change. https://t.co/NSlK2Iv3fv
03 Oct 2018 Social ASPECT trial in 1250 Belgians shows a 20 and 30% increased risk of developing IBD & acute anterior uveitis, respectively after 10 yrs of axial SpA; IBD and AAU risk (not psoriasis) related to Dz duration and inflammation, https://t.co/BnMFCAKSSB
02 Oct 2018 Social RT @ArthurRheum: @RheumNow Have a number of patients on a IL17i and Otezla with mixed results... although not unexpected as most of these p…
02 Oct 2018 Social RT @DrPetryna: TCZ doesn’t meet primary end point in ph3 trial for AOSD but helps⬇️ steroid dose: ACR50 at wk 4 61.5% vs 30.8% PBO but p=0.…
01 Oct 2018 Social Most drugs have a labeled shelf life of 1-5 years; but this only applies to unopened containers. Study of 3005 lots different meds shows 88% unopened meds retain potency for 66 mos. Estimated that unopened meds retain >90% potency for 5 yrs https://t.co/Tv6DTYzUdS
27 Sep 2018 Social Systematic review examined 10 studies, 1156 patients with undifferentiated (UA) or arthralgia & showed that DMARD/steroids did not reduce the risk of RA in arthralgia only pts, but use in UA significantly reduced the risk (OR 0.73; 95% CI 0.56 to 0.97) https://t.co/ZImmumitD2
24 Sep 2018 Social Annals Int Med - analysis of adults prescribed opioids between 2006-2015 shows 31943 Rx visits for opioids - 5% for cancer pain, 66% for noncancer pain & 28.5% an Opioid was Rx without a pain Dx. https://t.co/6vKQbwEdkR
24 Sep 2018 Social Useful listing of Pregnancy Registries for drug info during pregnancy with arthritis, lupus and many other disorders including Mother to Baby, Pregnancy in FM, MS, OP, Breast cancer etc. https://t.co/sPETyaH9jX
18 Sep 2018 Social Open study of adalimumab and infliximab in recalcitrant (RV) retinal vasculitis (unresponsive to other therapies) - 48 pts Rx (1/2 ADA, 1/2 INFL) - RV remission within 54% @3 mos and 86% @ 12 mos. with no added benefit to other cotherapies. https://t.co/EvbFj6vXly
17 Sep 2018 Social NSAID-exacerbated respiratory disease occurs in 1/10 pts with asthma and rhinosinusitis- There are new expert guidelines on recognition, management, high morbidity and mortality risks. https://t.co/kY1RYSizqz
17 Sep 2018 Social Metanalysis of NSAID effects on CV risk (CVR) shows an overall, significant increased CVR (RR 1.24), especially for vascular events. Moreso for coxibs (RR 1.22) vs nonselective NSAIDs (1.18). CVR highest w/ rofecoxib (RR 1.39), then diclofenac & etoricoxib https://t.co/8LEDxYFTK4
14 Sep 2018 Social Correction 42%; Systemic onset JIA patients may have higher Injection Site Reaction rates when taking sc tocilizumab (42% sJIA) compared to polyarticular JIA (15-29%). RA ( 7-10%) or GCA https://t.co/ooDo1LjGlA
08 Sep 2018 Social RheumNow Week in Review is up! This week the sunshine folder & ugly tie rack! Watch the video here https://t.co/Lb0mFGPTHc or try the podcast on iTunes in your car or on Android Auto in your car on Stitcher or https://t.co/Lb0mFGPTHc
31 Aug 2018 News New BSR Guidelines on Biologic Safe Use with Inflammatory Arthritis
28 Aug 2018 News The Safety of Paternal Exposure to DMARDs and Biologics
27 Aug 2018 News 2018-2019 ACIP Recommendations for Seasonal Influenza Vaccination
27 Aug 2018 Social FDA no longer labels drugs for pregnancy as A, B, C, D, X. New PLLR rule of 2015 - says pregnancy info includes more written data, from human studies, registries, less animal data. This review article looks a the history and what the new labeling entails https://t.co/0nWInWO1A4