Wednesday, 28 Jun 2017

Drug Safety

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26 Sep 2016 Social Serious infections in RA are related to disease activity. The risk w/ biologics is most likely in 1st 6mos. of use.
26 Sep 2016 Slide of the day Rules for Managing Pregnancy in RA Patients
23 Sep 2016 Social Survey of 226 Rheums shows 90% see depression in their pts, 60% will prescribe antidepressant, refer to psych or PCP
23 Sep 2016 Social Mercks' Odanacatib (inhibitor cathepsin K & osteoclast/bone resorption) development halted due to CV/stroke concerns
20 Sep 2016 Social Periprosthetic Fx after Hip Replacement is higher in women, older, RA pts, revision surgery, AVN hx & osteoporosis
19 Sep 2016 News Demyelinating Disease is a Rare Complication of TNF Inhibition.
19 Sep 2016 Social In Spain, after a neg PPD, in 1st 1-2 yrs on TNFI theres a 4.3% seroconvert w/ repeat PPD, thought to be LTBI
18 Sep 2016 Social CDC Flu vaccine rules 2016-17 - NO flumyst use, give injx flu vaccine before end October, Egg allergy observe 15 min
15 Sep 2016 Social RT @LCalabreseDO: The data are intriguing but patient selection is complex @markhymanmd @RheumNow @paijournal #HerpesZoster…
15 Sep 2016 Social Polypharmacy is the most sinister & unaddressed problem in Pt care. Dont Rx a drug without D/C a drug: heres areview
15 Sep 2016 News New Shingles Vaccine Effective for up to Four Years
15 Sep 2016 News DSB Reports and Updates - September 2016
13 Sep 2016 Social It's the engine that kills ya’, not the caboose. Dr Cush focuses on the toxic potential of disease activity
12 Sep 2016 Slide of the day CDC Influenza Vaccine Recommendations - 2016–17
12 Sep 2016 Social 180 pts with head & neck cancer treated w/ TNFi or DMARD- TNFi did not increase risk of cancer recurrence (HR 0.75)
09 Sep 2016 Social IBD patients Rx w/ TNF inhibitors - no higher risk of renal cell carcinoma; 0.8 (0.3-2.5) men & 1.4 (0.2-5.5) women
09 Sep 2016 Social Steroids should not be used to treat infertility - results in higher rates of miscarriage, preterm birth, defects
07 Sep 2016 Social 63% have some MTX; 22% its mod-severe. Giving Caffeine at time of MTX (coffee, Dk chocolate) showed 55% improved!!
06 Sep 2016 Social TNFi induced sardoidosis; 90 cases of sarcoidosis w/ TNFi Rx reviewed, most w/ Enbrel, 71 resolved w/ D/C
03 Sep 2016 Social @RonanTKavanagh RheumNow reviewed Biologics & Vasculitis - mostly skin, TNFi, no Cimzia but thats due to new & few