Friday, 21 Feb 2020

Drug Safety

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06 May 2019 Social The RheumNow Podcast is up – DESIREABLE Results (5.3.19) WATCH it here or listen to the PODCAST on iTunes (Apple Car Play) or SoundCloud here>>
06 May 2019 Social Recent Methotrexate use lowers Cardivascular risk by 20% finds a Study of 23,994 elderly RA patients. 13.7% had a CVE (28.5 events per 1000 PY; 95% CI 27.6–29.5).
06 May 2019 Social Cush offers drug 'safety rules to live by' for rheumatologists
03 May 2019 Social 2019 FDA Drug Safety Warnings all pertain to Rheumatology agents 1) boxed warning for sleep meds; 2) harms w/ sudden opioid stops; 3) risk of VTE with high dose tofacitinib; 4) cardiac risks with febuxostat
01 May 2019 News FDA Adds Boxed Warning to Sleep Drugs
25 Apr 2019 Social Danish study of 92 355 adults compared Fx rates between new users of denosumab (DEN) or alendronate - finds no advantage for DEN for hip Fx (aHR 1.08; 0.92-1.28) or any Fx (aHR 0.92; 0.83-1.02). Data doesnt support preference for DEN in high risk pts.
24 Apr 2019 Social Metanalysis shows NSAIDS increase rates of delayed union or nonunion (OR 2.07; 1.19 to 3.61) in adults with fracture, osteotomy, fusion surgery; but not in pediatrics (OR 0.58) or with low dose/short duration NSAID exposure (OR 1.68).
23 Apr 2019 Social Do you use PJP prophylaxis w/ Bactrim in RA pts? 2640 RA pts found only 19 cases of pneumocystis pneumonia. Risk factors were high dose MTX (OR 4.5), >65 yrs (OR 3.7), ≥2 ISPs (3.7), prednisolone ≥5 (OR 12.4) - a combo of these has a 2.3-5.8% riskof PJP.
22 Apr 2019 Slide of the day Vaccination Deficit in Rheumatology
12 Apr 2019 News Update on Vaccines in Autoimmune Patients
11 Apr 2019 Social 36 studies of 6662 depression patients shows the addition of antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs, steriods, statins, cytokine inhib, minocycline) improved antidepressant effects in Major Depression pts without increasing the risk of side‐effects.
11 Apr 2019 Social MMWR reports that for the 8th yr in a row the US TB rate dropped 1.3% to 2.8 per 100,000. In 2018 there were 9029 TB cases (69% in non–U.S.-born). TB risk in non-US born was >14 times that of U.S.-born persons.
10 Apr 2019 ACR Video RheumNow Live Preview with Dr. Len Calabrese
09 Apr 2019 Social 151 pts w/ myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) were treated with either rituximab or PBO showing no effect of RTX!! Really? someone, somewhere believes ME/CFS or FM is an immunologic dz? Do NOT use biologics, DMARDS in such pts.
08 Apr 2019 Social Long term safety study of 4481 tofacitinib pts w/ 9.5yrs exposure (16,291PYs). 52% discontinued Rx (4% insufficient response; 24% adverse events). AE incidence rates were 3.4/100PY for H zoster, 2.4/100Py SIE, 0.8 cancer, 0.4 MACE, 0.3 Mortality.
04 Apr 2019 Social RT @MattieRheumMD: NSAIDS can reduce fertility in women - from Dr Sammaritano. #RNL2019
03 Apr 2019 Social RT @RheumNow: #RNL2019 Dr Carol Langford discusses when to use RTX vs CTX in GPA
01 Apr 2019 News RheumNowLive On Demand: Infection Prevention and Management with Newer Agents - Jack Cush, MD
28 Mar 2019 Social Claims data analysis of 11,248 matched patients starting abatacept or TNFi showed the risk of hospitalized infection was 37 ABA vs 47 TNFi (HR 0.78; 95% CI 0.64-0.95). Thus ABA was associated with a 22% less risk any hospitalized infection.
27 Mar 2019 Social QD Clinic - Medication Reminders | RheumNow -Measures taken to remind or ensure medication compliance