Wednesday, 21 Nov 2018

Drug Safety

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04 Jan 2018 Social FDA approvals up from 22 in 2016 to 46 in 2017 - including Methotrexate solution, TCZ in GCA: Sarilumab Guselkumab Lesinurad Shingrix & 3 more biosimilars Cyltezo (ADA), Renflexis, (IFX), Ixifi (IFX)
03 Jan 2018 Social Hospital pts have higher risk of Clostridium difficile infection taking PPI's, H2 antagonists, sucralfate, several antibiotics, including carbapenems, 3rd/4th gen cephalosporins, metronidazole, piperacillin/tazobactam
31 Dec 2017 Social Medication Safety Tips: 1) Keep updated med list 2) Bring med list to all doctor visits 3) Fill same med w/ same pharmacy, same doctor 4) take as ordered; taking less is NOT safer 5) when Dr Prescribes one med, ask him/her to remove one med!
29 Dec 2017 Social RT @AngusWorthing: “We could give [our new drug] away for free and … it would still be more economically advantageous” for insurers and PBM…
29 Dec 2017 Social RT @Medscape: The price of the 2 top selling arthritis drugs have increased more than 70% in the past 3 years: http…
29 Dec 2017 Social Tramadol dosing: max is 400 mg/d. For those >75 yrs, the max is 300 mg/d; those w/ CKD (<30 mL/min) max dose=200 mg/d
29 Dec 2017 Social laims data on RA pts shows better persistence w/ MOA switchers vs TNFi cyclers (48% v 40%) & lower healthcare costs
28 Dec 2017 Social FDA Safety Alert onFEBUXOSTAT and increased risk of Cardiac Death (compared to allopurinol). Based on 6000 pt safety trial, Febuxostat shows increased risk of CV deaths & death from all causes.
26 Dec 2017 Social RHeumNow Week in Review is up! listen here or watch here Happy Merry Christmas to all !
22 Dec 2017 Social France fines J&J 25 million euros over painkiller patch Duragesic, for disparaging generic competition
20 Dec 2017 Social Check out Kathryn Dao's #ACR17 video review of the FDA Safety symposia at the ACR!
20 Dec 2017 Social FDA has studyied the safety of Gadolinium-based Contrast Agents (GBCAs)since 7/15 & now rewarns HCPs to limit GBCA to circumstances where a contrast agent is necessary & limit use of repetitive MRI w/ GBCAs
20 Dec 2017 Social The problem of nonadherence to meds, not filling Prescriptions is a big one. NYT reviews it stating that the only promising solution is cheaper meds
19 Dec 2017 Social High Costs of FDA Approval for Formerly Unapproved Marketed Drugs #medicine #feedly
18 Dec 2017 News Baseline Risk Score Predicts Serious Infection Risk in TNF-Treated RA Patients
18 Dec 2017 News Advantages of Intravenous Pulse Cyclophosphamide in ANCA-associated Vasculitis
17 Dec 2017 Social Sanofi recalls SYNVISC-One, specifically one batch of ~12,000 plus distributed between Oct. 25 -Nov. 7, 2017 only in the USA
17 Dec 2017 Social RT @TaraCortes: An Overlooked Epidemic: Older Americans Taking Too Many Unneeded Drugs via @khnews
16 Dec 2017 Social RheumNow Wk in Review is Up! Cush reviews UK GCA turndown, FUO Dx by FDG-PET, Novel ABA results, Sjogrens STAT3 story.
14 Dec 2017 Social NICE and NHS reject the approval of Tocilizumab for use in GCA citing cost concerns