Tuesday, 16 Jul 2019

Drug Safety

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09 Jul 2018 Social RT @MattieRheumMD: Once again PBM OBFUSCATION at its best! https://t.co/M8HNbtlqUA
09 Jul 2018 News Hydroxychloroquine Being Over-Dosed with New Guidelines?
09 Jul 2018 Social Pilot study of 23 pre-surgical Dupuytren's patients shows lesional injections of adalimumab reduced myofibroblast fibrotic markers in surgically removed tissues. Grounds for a study - Yes, but not for clinical current use https://t.co/u5rAhkKDmk
04 Jul 2018 Social "Prednisone is the best drug we have, and prednisone is the worst drug we have"- Peter A. Merkel, MD
03 Jul 2018 Social Year in Review. Dan Solomon reviews and shows no cancer risk with Biologics. #ACR17 https://t.co/vIa6gieN4L
03 Jul 2018 Social DMARD Tip: Leflunomide has a 1/2 life of nearly 20days. Once pt improved w/ 20mg/d (~6-12 wks) I switch dosing to once weekly, often less total mg (eg, LEF 4-6 tab q friday (80-120mg/wk). Monitoring and risks are same. https://t.co/IDd1UaCbp7
03 Jul 2018 Social Risk factors for retinal toxicity associated with hydroxychloroquine include longer duration of HCQ use [adj OR 4.71], higher daily dose (3.34), presence of kidney disease (8.56) https://t.co/OrN99DD2k1
03 Jul 2018 Social Metanalysis of checkpoint inhibitor (nivolumab, pembrolizumab or atezolizumab)shows high rates of hypothyroidism (OR 7.6), pneumonitis (5.4), colitis (2.9), hypophysitis (3.4), rash (2.4), fatigue (32%), diarrhea (19%) &> 20% w/ arthraligia or back pain. https://t.co/zdH0A0GEPs
30 Jun 2018 Social The RheumNow Week in Review is up! Life Savers for Rheumatologists - on vaccinations, Bactrim prophylaxis & the downside of Febuxostat. https://t.co/Jn8vv8ZJIz Check out the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, https://t.co/ly5ZMFV2mn https://t.co/IMPwCFurbE
27 Jun 2018 Social TMP/SMX prophylaxis following rituximab in ANCA+ associated vasculitis reduces infections by 70% (HR 0.30) - 192 AAV pts with 92 infx in 49 pts (only 1 due to PJP). https://t.co/VmVDXQqlSZ
22 Jun 2018 Social RT @ACRheum: The ACR believes that safe and effective treatments should be accessible to all patients at the lowest possible cost. https://…
22 Jun 2018 Social RT @DrDavidKarp: Dr. Bonnie Bermas enlightens IM Grand Rounds no immune related adverse effects of checkpoint inhibitors. Great info!! ⁦@U…
21 Jun 2018 News NSAID Use Around Conception Increases Miscarriage Risk
20 Jun 2018 Social Cool video from Dr. Calabrese at #EULAR2018 on the use of avacopan (CCX168), an oral selective C5a receptor inhibitor, in treating ANCA associated vasculitis https://t.co/BBOtS9hAUe
19 Jun 2018 Social Checkout this audio file PODCAST from Day 1 & 2 at EULAR 2018 - listen here on on iTunes, Stitcher, etc. https://t.co/a09h8CfhUf
18 Jun 2018 Social Checkout the EULAR Day 4 podcast on RheumNow, iTunes, etc. https://t.co/GCFJNK6vyT
17 Jun 2018 News Could Measuring Drug Levels with TNF Treatment Hurt Your Patients?
17 Jun 2018 Social RT @RonanTKavanagh: Nice summary of Checkpoint inhibitor immunologic side effects of relevance to rheumatologists from @zandbelt . https://…
16 Jun 2018 Social RT @LCalabreseDO: Beautiful study by Kostine suggesting IrAEs indicate + ant- tumor effect at #eular2018 Cancer Therapies Inducing Immune-R…
16 Jun 2018 News Methotrexate Update