Thursday, 20 Feb 2020


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17 Feb 2017 Social RT @DrRachelTate: Dr. Mark Genovese is the Big Kahuna! #rwcs2017 @RWCSmtg @RheumNow
23 Apr 2016 Social RheumNow Week in Review is up - MTX use in surgery , Inflectra pricing, vaccine use, OP re-Fx risk and more.
29 May 2017 Social Wk in Review is up! Dr Cush reviews new approvals, defensins,Cost of T2T; Listen to podcast
22 Jul 2015 Social The Association of Women in Rheumatology have their inaugural meeting 8/14-16 @ Hilton Head
17 Nov 2015 Social Tapping into the collective health & psyche of Twitter, study extracts population based answers from social media
15 May 2016 Social The videocast RheumNow Week in review is up at the site. You can also listen to podscast on ITunes
18 Oct 2017 Social Just arrived At APLAR Iin Dubai. Having pizza for dinner, checkout the menu- where's the wine?
09 Nov 2017 Social RT @WrayCharles: There are more pearls to providing excellent patient care on this slide than I thought possible! Practice these and you wi…
20 Sep 2016 Social Why I Luv Rheum: I can see and feel the difference between a swollen elbow & swollen olecranon bursa! #RDAM
01 Nov 2015 Social RheumNow: our goal is find deliver key info of great utility to Rheums; Register toget rheum news M-F
25 Mar 2017 Social GAO to investigate the FDAs Orphan Drug Prg, citing potential use by block buster drugs eg, Crestor, Abilify, Humira
30 Jan 2020 Social #UTSW Dr. Kermani - in GCA. ACR EULAR guidelines on imaging
08 Feb 2016 Social ABIM has opened up the MOC review process to collaborate w/ subspecialists like rheumatology.
05 Nov 2017 Social RT @philipcrobinson: Immune checkpoint drugs approved and on the way. There are many more on the way. #ACR17 @RheumNow…
16 Apr 2017 Social How will new BIOSIMILAR drugs affect PATIENTS - Patients Make Your views count in a Patient survey; vote at>>
06 May 2015 Social Dx accuracy of MCP or MTP "Squeeze test" confirmed. +MCP squeeze test had sensitivity 53%, specificity 82% & +LR=3 
04 Feb 2017 Social RheumNow Wk in Review is up!Dr Cush reports on new IL6 Rx, #gout numbers, PsA bad news, Rhupus, Infectra interchange
09 Nov 2015 Social #ACR15 session on vaccines- Dr William Schaffner "if you don't fear the infection, you won't value the solution (vaccine)"
08 Apr 2016 Social RS3PE 331 pts reviewed. Mostly males, symmetric, hands, 5% erosions, 16% get neoplasia, recurrent, Pred~15mg on avg.
12 Aug 2017 Social RheumNow Wk in Review is up Rate our podcast on iTunes or Soundhound -