Friday, 21 Feb 2020


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05 Apr 2016 Social Can a great rheumatologist learn to be greater? Dr Kavanagh goes under the microscope. A great read on RheumNow.
06 Apr 2016 Social Improvement by "hot shower" is largely due to the time & mov't to take shower; not so much about the "hot'. Another version of AM stiffness
08 Apr 2016 News RheumNow Week in Review - 8 April 2016
08 Apr 2016 Social RS3PE 331 pts reviewed. Mostly males, symmetric, hands, 5% erosions, 16% get neoplasia, recurrent, Pred~15mg on avg.
10 Apr 2016 ACR Video Dr. George Martin: new drugs for psoriasis, atopic dermatitis
11 Apr 2016 Social RheumNow Week in Review (4.8.16) is up - biosimilars, CKD in Pso, allopurinol, high CPK, Sjogrens +RTX, New Rules
12 Apr 2016 Blog “Doctors Don’t Get Sick”
12 Apr 2016 Social >25 million Americans have >2 unhealthy behaviors- smoking, excessive EtOH, poor sleep, phys inactivity & obesity
15 Apr 2016 News RheumNow Week in Review - 15 April 2016
18 Apr 2016 ACR Video Dr. Orrin Troum: Developments in gout, OA and osteoporosis
21 Apr 2016 Blog Why My Patients Sit Where They Sit
22 Apr 2016 News RheumNow Week in Review – 22 April 2016
23 Apr 2016 Social RheumNow Week in Review is up - MTX use in surgery , Inflectra pricing, vaccine use, OP re-Fx risk and more.
24 Apr 2016 Social RT @VickiShanmugam: Congrats Dr. Nora Taylor winner of the GW Rheumatology Educator Award @GWSMHS @GW_MFA
24 Apr 2016 Social RT @DrDavidKarp: Thanks to the ACR and AF leadership - CMS: Don’t turn back the clock on rheumatic disease care
26 Apr 2016 Social A good CEO cannot run a biz & achieve company goals alone. Bring your wife/mother/friend to your next visit
26 Apr 2016 Blog "A Touch of Humanity": Seven Perspectives on RheumNow
29 Apr 2016 Social N.Carolina 10yr girl has annular lesion on neck. No antifungal resp. Lyme EIA equivocal w/ Neg Immunblot What to do?
02 May 2016 ACR Video Dr. Kim Fisher: IgG4 disease as paraspinal mass
02 May 2016 News CDC Updates Arthritis Numbers