Friday, 10 Apr 2020


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28 Sep 2016 Social Rheumatoid pts w/ concomitant Fibromyalgia have higher disease activity scores but lower ultrasound synovitis scores
23 Oct 2016 Social Pregabalin/Lyrica shown to be effective in treating abdominal pain associated with irritable bowel syndrome.
05 Mar 2016 Social RT @DrAiLynTan: Here's evidence #exercise may benefit fibromyalgia #pain
12 Jun 2018 Social AMA 2018 Opioid epidemic report shows that physican prescribing of opioids have dropped 22% in the last 5 years.
18 Dec 2018 Social Clinical pain severity & disability in OA is higher amongst African Americans vs Whites. Metanalysis of 61 articles shows higher pain severity in AA using the WOMAC (0.57; 95%CI: 0.54, 0.61) & non-WOMAC studies (0.35; 95%CI: 0.23, 0.47). Journal of Pain.
30 Apr 2017 Social RT @DrRachelTate: "Increased threat of pain increases pain level for the patient." Be sensitive to your patients. D. Chiaramonte, MD @Rheum…
28 Sep 2017 Social Fibromyalgia more common w/ chr migraine (67%) vs tension HA (26%) & assoc w/ more anxiety, depression, insomnia
09 May 2019 Social 23 pts with Fibromyalgia were compared to non-diabetic Framingham and NHANES cohorts and shown to have significantly higher Hgb-A1c levels; suggesting insulin resistence in FM. 16 pts were given metformin and 50% had complete pain resolution (=0)
30 Nov 2017 Social RT @DrPetryna: #Fibromyalgia negatively impacts TNF response in #axSpA: BASDAI 50: 45.3% vs 54.1% in the FM/not FM groups according to the…
11 Nov 2019 Social RT @MaeveGamble: Abstr#1759: 64 pts randomized to either MTX 10mg or PBO. Evolution of pain b/w 2 groups no different. Function no differen…
03 Nov 2015 Social Cochrane review of 10 studies (811 pts) shows Vitamin D fails to help chronic painful conditions
09 Aug 2018 Social OTC sleep aids I prefer: Valerian root, Tylenol PM, Mg containing powders or qhs "tea like" drinks (Ionic Fizz, Calme, Magnesium Serene). Melatonin is not a sleep drug - its a circadian sleep cycle aid that works as a placebom if at all.
14 May 2018 Social Metanalysis 22 studies, 2608 pts shows psychological interventions (eg, CBT) yields statistically significant improvent in pain, depression, catastrophizing beliefs, self-efficacy & physical function; best when delivered in groups.
17 Nov 2016 Social RT @RonanTKavanagh: Ab 2185. Increasing inc of opiate prescribing in US arthritis patients #ACR16 Roundup
11 Mar 2020 Social Annals of Internal Medicine has a Full read REVIEW of FIBROMYALGIA
25 Jul 2018 Social Physicians/NP/PA's: What pain medication do you prescribe MOST OFTEN:
11 May 2015 Social Vit D & Pain? Review shows no evidence that vit D deficiency & supplementation is linked to chronic pain states
07 Mar 2019 Social A study of 2,369 patients with fibromyalgia showed the mean time from initial complaint to diagnosis was 6.42 years. Comorbidity, younger patient, and older physician age were associated with longer time to diagnosis.
13 Jul 2015 Social Complex regional pain synd(CRPS): affects children adolescents painful, mottld swollen limb w/ allodynia,hyperalgesia
14 May 2017 Social NFA reports prevalence of FM 10 million in US & 3-6% worldwide. Often affects families, siblings, mothers & children