Wednesday, 20 Mar 2019


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25 Jul 2018 Social Pain in DISH is usually not from DISH; Likely another cause/problem. Pts usually asymptomatic but may complain of thoracolumbar or neck stiffness. DISH is a bone-forming diathesis primarily affecting the spine, with ossification of tendons and ligaments.
25 Jul 2018 Social Physicians/NP/PA's: What pain medication do you prescribe MOST OFTEN:
18 Jul 2018 News Unsafe Practices with Ambien Use
04 Jul 2018 Social To order ANA test in FM or "pain AllOver" pts is wrong; to order more subserologies(dsDNA,RNP,Sm) should be criminal
19 Jun 2018 News Weight Loss Lessens Knee Pain in Obese
17 Jun 2018 Social RT @Janetbirdope: Take home ideas from #EULAR2018 Saturday Pain may be centrally mediated via TNF as well as depression which could explain…
14 Jun 2018 Social RT @RonanTKavanagh: Plata. No improvement in outcome measures Vitamin D3 in patients with Fibromyalgia in a double blind placebo controlled…
14 Jun 2018 Social RT @philipcrobinson: Hey @RonanTKavanagh I found another study which shows vitamin D doesn’t work in fibromyalgia #EULAR2018 @RheumNow ABT…
12 Jun 2018 Social AMA 2018 Opioid epidemic report shows that physican prescribing of opioids have dropped 22% in the last 5 years.
07 Jun 2018 Social Literature review finds 4 studies showing Mirtazpine use in fibromyalgia resulted in significant improvements in pain, sleep, and quality of life.
06 Jun 2018 News Blacks Suffer When Pain is Poorly Defined
06 Jun 2018 News Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs Fail to Deter Opiate Abuse
06 Jun 2018 Social RT @ThomasKlineMD: Not treating pain has become a national priority. #opioidcrisis #opioid
24 May 2018 News Measures of Opioid Misuse Predict Future Opioid Overdose and Death
21 May 2018 Social 7 Suggestions on self managing Fibromyalgia
16 May 2018 News Opioid Marketing & Meals Tied to Opioid Prescribing
15 May 2018 Social Walmart (Sams) announced it is following CDC opioid prescribing recs and will soon limit initial opioid prescriptions to no more than seven days of supply, aiming avoid abuse
14 May 2018 Social Metanalysis 22 studies, 2608 pts shows psychological interventions (eg, CBT) yields statistically significant improvent in pain, depression, catastrophizing beliefs, self-efficacy & physical function; best when delivered in groups.
10 May 2018 News New EULAR Pain Guidelines
10 May 2018 News Elderly Often Untested for Sleep Apnea