Tuesday, 17 Sep 2019


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23 Oct 2018 Social RT @DrBhana: Dr. Spiegal: Virtual Reality for reduction of acute pain, significant reduction compared to controls, NNT = 4, better than opi…
17 Oct 2018 Blog Pain: Objectifying a Subjective Symptom
10 Oct 2018 News Complex Pain Syndromes in the Emergency Room
09 Oct 2018 News Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - a Leading Cause of Work Related Disability
08 Oct 2018 News Anxiety and Depression are Common in Arthritis Patients
05 Oct 2018 Social RCT of Low dose amitriptyline 25 mg vs benztropine 1 mg failed to show signficiant 3 and 6 mos benefit in patients with chronic low back pain. but there was significant improvement in disability at 3mos but not at 6 mos. https://t.co/vazapq5z1C
05 Oct 2018 Social Gabapentin (GABA) is 10th most Prescribed drug in USA; 22% of opioid abusers abuse GABA (also high in EU); off label use is pervasive; GABA assoc w/ overdose deaths in Tenn (4%), https://t.co/DHYeBfjgi1 (15%), NC (20%), KY (41%). Should it be Schedule V https://t.co/UVOB9Kif6S
29 Sep 2018 Slide of the day Think Fibromyalgia
26 Sep 2018 Social BMS - Burning Mouth Syndrome - a variant of chronic pain. Affects 4% in Sweden, mostly middle-aged & elderly women. Pts present with severe burning or stinging, usually the tongue, dysgeusia, xerostomia and skin disorders. https://t.co/4HSnlxLxAh
25 Sep 2018 Social Large EMR study of 8,879 fibromyalgias patiens found 34 suicide attempts and 96 suicidal ideation events predicted by obesity & drug dependance but prevented with more frequent outpatient engagement https://t.co/j0Psi5As4g
19 Sep 2018 News FDA's Opioid Analgesic Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) Finalized
13 Sep 2018 News Lower Income Elderly are More Likely to Use Opioids
31 Aug 2018 Social Study of 2,976 osteoarthritis patients shows primary drivers to healthcare utilization are moderate to severe pain (47%), insomnia (55%) and depression (45%) https://t.co/1HuN5eg7Ba
09 Aug 2018 Social OTC sleep aids I prefer: Valerian root, Tylenol PM, Mg containing powders or qhs "tea like" drinks (Ionic Fizz, Calme, Magnesium Serene). Melatonin is not a sleep drug - its a circadian sleep cycle aid that works as a placebom if at all.
07 Aug 2018 Social 11 yr study in Finland shows risk factors for low back pain and radicular pain to be higher in women, and with obesity, smoking, and strenuous physical work. Vibrating tools increased lumbar radicular pain risk . LBP less with walking or cycling to work. https://t.co/0RpqI4O8Ve
03 Aug 2018 Social Survey of 140 Canadian Rheums shows 80% feel FM is useful clinical Dx; but on 54% believe it objectively defined & 30% called it a psychosocial condition. Most Most adhere to Rx guideline recommendations but few endorse these interventions as effective. https://t.co/9Si110nfGb
02 Aug 2018 Social Opioid use remains high "US has the highest per capita rate of opioid use in the world...double that of 2nd Germany & 7X higher than the UK.... On average, 40 people die daily in the US from opioid overdoses, a four-fold increase since 1999 https://t.co/ejtX8er7k7
26 Jul 2018 Social RT @RheumNow: Physicians/NP/PA's: What pain medication do you prescribe MOST OFTEN:
25 Jul 2018 Social Pain in DISH is usually not from DISH; Likely another cause/problem. Pts usually asymptomatic but may complain of thoracolumbar or neck stiffness. DISH is a bone-forming diathesis primarily affecting the spine, with ossification of tendons and ligaments. https://t.co/Osir0EVJ14
25 Jul 2018 Social Physicians/NP/PA's: What pain medication do you prescribe MOST OFTEN: