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18 Apr 2018 News NSAIDs and Acetaminophen Preferred Over Opioids for Dental Pain
04 Apr 2018 News Lancet Tackles the Global Challenge of Low Back Pain
04 Apr 2018 News Cannabis Laws Lessen the Opioid Crisis
26 Mar 2018 Social RT @LCalabreseDO: Thoughts on EMPATHY & the difficult pt-Fibromyalgia and the Rheumatologist: Testing Tolerance of Uncertainty and Capacity…
23 Mar 2018 News Tai Chi Eases Fibromyalgia Pain
07 Mar 2018 News Opioid Overdoses Jump 30% in 2017
07 Mar 2018 News Opioids No Better than NSAIDs at Chronic Pain
16 Feb 2018 Social Thankfully its getting harder and harder to approve narcotics these days. An FDA advisory panel today voted against the approval of HYDEXOR - a combination narcotic that combines hydrocodone, acetaminophen, and promethazine.
09 Feb 2018 Social RT @alvinwellsmd: Dr. Eric Ruderman discussed the role of fibromyalgia in AxSpa at RWCS 2018
05 Feb 2018 News Top 10 MMWR CDC Reports from 2017
19 Jan 2018 Social While 89% of Canadian rheumatologists agreed with Fibromyalgia guideline recommendations (education, exercise, antidepressants. nonnarcotic analgesics, etc), less than half (9% to 47%), believe these are actually effective.
04 Jan 2018 Social RT @NEJM: Perspective: The Public and the #Opioid-Abuse Epidemic
27 Dec 2017 Social Metanalysis of 4 RCTs involving 287 patients with chronic widespread pain revealed Vitamin D therapy yielded no significant changes to Pain VAS scores.
26 Dec 2017 Social TWO simple tests to diagnose #Fibromyalgia in primary care: 1) for tenderness to digital pressure at 10 body sites; 2) single question, “I have a persistent deepaching over most of my body” (0–10)
21 Dec 2017 News Cannibis Weakly Effective in Neuropathic Pain
19 Dec 2017 Social Check out Dr. David Borensteins #ACR17 video review of PAIN abstracts at the meeting!
19 Dec 2017 Social Rain May Not Cause Achy Joints - Analysis of 11.6 milion medicare outpatient visits shows no association between rainy (or # rainy) days & visits for back pain, arthritis
11 Dec 2017 News AASM Guidelines for Sleep Apnea Testing
04 Dec 2017 Social TWO simple tests to diagnose #Fibromyalgia in primary care: 1) for tenderness to digital pressure at 10 body sites;…
04 Dec 2017 News Fibromyalgia Diagnosed by Two Simple Tests