Tuesday, 20 Mar 2018


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08 Nov 2017 Social RT @philipcrobinson: CNS amplification of the pain response #ACR17 @RheumNow https://t.co/dgyi2aBMyc
29 Sep 2016 Social #WhyILuvRheum FM and arthralgias in young people can be due to hypermobility or Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome! https://t.co/m0pYR3St27
19 Jan 2018 Social While 89% of Canadian rheumatologists agreed with Fibromyalgia guideline recommendations (education, exercise, antidepressants. nonnarcotic analgesics, etc), less than half (9% to 47%), believe these are actually effective. https://t.co/E81iGt1K47
31 Aug 2015 Social RT @hausmannMD: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for #fibromyalgia-an interesting Israeli trial http://t.co/40PcTjdido #chroniclife #rheum http://…
30 Apr 2017 Social RT @DrRachelTate: Central sensitization poss cause in chronic pain.CNS distorts amount of pain, amplified by "enhancers." Dr. Chiaramonte @…
01 Dec 2015 Social Evaluation of B/L sensory polyneuropathy should include B12, SPEP w/ IFE, fasting glucose & GTT. See JAMA review https://t.co/98gLm24YjV
15 Jul 2015 Social Naltrexone? NO, never & wont. Not FDA approved for anything I treat. Claims are speculative, based on little data https://t.co/Z81YqLPvoZ
24 Mar 2017 Social NEJM Lyrica (pregabalin) ineffective in RCT of acute/chronic sciatica pain. 209 pts, Lyrica=PBO, more AE w/ Lyrica https://t.co/3tr4sX5IsQ
25 Sep 2015 Social Low vitamin D levels have a 41% increased risk of chronic pain according a metanalysis of 1854pts & 7850 controls http://t.co/0K5JbU7CyB
08 Nov 2017 Social RT @philipcrobinson: Variation in pain and sensory sensitivity in the population. There is a log scale difference between each end of the s…
15 Sep 2016 Social 40 die daily in US from narcotics. Rx opioid overdose & abuse has an estimated economic burden 78.5 billion in USA https://t.co/XW78zdYthn
19 Apr 2016 Social @PainSpot novel but needs duplication to be real. B3 (nicotinamide) yields less squamous-cell & basal-cell skin CA (23%) &actinic keratoses
27 Dec 2017 Social Metanalysis of 4 RCTs involving 287 patients with chronic widespread pain revealed Vitamin D therapy yielded no significant changes to Pain VAS scores. https://t.co/awynHqXeKX
12 May 2015 Social GI features of Jt hypermobility/Ehlers-Danlos include hernias, organ/pelvic prolapses, intussusceptions, GERD, IBS... http://t.co/JNXECnbkxs
20 Jun 2015 Social Sleep disorders are common in children w/ ADHD and autism and treatments used for ADHD. http://t.co/NLl1rfcNTB http://t.co/RftNTXqrDv
24 Apr 2017 Social This is Sleep Awareness Week - note the importance of sleep in health & safety. You need >7hrs/nite, more in kids https://t.co/dIQlOoVnC9
24 Sep 2017 Social RA w/ fibromyalgia (17%) unlikely to get to SDAI remission, have more pain/comorbidity, worse sleep, higher SF36 MCS https://t.co/kHajALw3FE
02 Mar 2016 Social POOR SLEEP: the under-recognized cause of 1) fatigue; 2) poor memory; 3) widespread pain; 4) frequent headaches; 5) numbness & dysesthesias
28 Nov 2017 Social Metanalysis of 4 RCTs involving 287 patients with chronic widespread pain revealed Vitamin D therapy yielded no sig… https://t.co/pfBhpqmKHx
19 Oct 2016 Social Surgical pts w/ Sleep Apnea at higher risk of atrial fibrillation and venous thromboembolism (preliminary results) https://t.co/iNxafbC60v