Friday, 15 Dec 2017


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20 May 2016 Social RT @NYTHealth: After years of relentless growth, opioid prescriptions in the U.S. are finally falling…
20 May 2016 Social Restless leg syndr:10% of US, Mov't helps;rest worsens. Often +FHx, low iron, CRI, worse w EtOH, caffeine,SSRI. Rx: codeine mirapex sine met
02 May 2016 Social FDA Drug Safety and Risk Management Commitees will meet May 3,4 to discuss long-acting Opioid REMS assure safe use
19 Apr 2016 Social @PainSpot novel but needs duplication to be real. B3 (nicotinamide) yields less squamous-cell & basal-cell skin CA (23%) &actinic keratoses
19 Apr 2016 News FDA Will Review Opioid Analgesic Use and REMS Programs for Pediatric Pain Patients
04 Apr 2016 Social RT @HaniElgabalawy: Opioid Abuse in Chronic Pain — Misconceptions and Mitigation Strategies — NEJM
29 Mar 2016 Social Cellphone apps to help regulate your sleep.
22 Mar 2016 Social RT @NYTHealth: The F.D.A. is requiring new warning labels for certain types of opioid painkillers
19 Mar 2016 Social RT @NYTHealth: The C.D.C.'s opioid guidelines are likely to have sweeping effects on the practice of medicine
16 Mar 2016 Social Manage your disease, not like a pro. Instead like a CEO! RheumNow presents a different approach for MDs & Patients
15 Mar 2016 News New CDC Guidelines on Prescribing Opiates for Pain
05 Mar 2016 Social RT @DrAiLynTan: Here's evidence #exercise may benefit fibromyalgia #pain
02 Mar 2016 Social POOR SLEEP: the under-recognized cause of 1) fatigue; 2) poor memory; 3) widespread pain; 4) frequent headaches; 5) numbness & dysesthesias
02 Mar 2016 Social Lengthened Cutaneous Silent Period in Fibromyalgia Suggesting Central Sensitization as a Pathogenesis
29 Feb 2016 Social Great video on "mindfulness" as a superpower and refocus to negative thinking, knee-jerk blurting & poor behaviors
23 Feb 2016 Social RT @DavidJuurlink: Amazing. For chronic back pain, mindfulness does what opioids do not: improve pain AND function
22 Feb 2016 News Only Two-Thirds of US Adults Get Adequate Sleep
03 Feb 2016 Social USA in midst of painkiller overdose epidemic w/ 44 overdose deaths daily. Higher risk when higher opioid doses used
13 Jan 2016 News ACP Backs New CDC Guideline for Opioids and Chronic Pain
11 Jan 2016 Slide of the day Pain Contract With Patients