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16 Dec 2015 Blog The Ill-Conceived Diagnosis of Fibromyalgia
02 Dec 2015 Social Metanalysis of Sleep apnea Rx CPAP and oral mandibular devices equally effective at lowering BP.
02 Dec 2015 Social 6710 ER visits for acute abdominal pain in 61% whites, 20% blacks, 14% hispanics - NONwhites had <30% less analgesia
01 Dec 2015 Social Evaluation of B/L sensory polyneuropathy should include B12, SPEP w/ IFE, fasting glucose & GTT. See JAMA review
03 Nov 2015 Social Cochrane review of 10 studies (811 pts) shows Vitamin D fails to help chronic painful conditions
23 Oct 2015 News Increasing Placebo Responses in the USA
21 Oct 2015 Social JAMA study shows acute Low Back Pain responds well to naproxen, no better when adding oxycodone or flexeril.
18 Oct 2015 Social 2013 prevalence of fibromyalgia estimated to be 23,663,533 cases in US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK & Japan
16 Oct 2015 Social > 33% of post-menopausal women have insomnia and rates escalate w/ age.
13 Oct 2015 Social Study shows 38% RA pts to have likely or possible neuropathic pain (by survey), assoc w/ more fibromyalgia & TJC
13 Oct 2015 News Physical Therapy Has Modest Effects on Acute Low Back Pain
12 Oct 2015 News Prescription Opioid Use Falls While Abuse Rises
25 Sep 2015 Social Low vitamin D levels have a 41% increased risk of chronic pain according a metanalysis of 1854pts & 7850 controls
23 Sep 2015 News Fibromyalgia Prevalence & Characteristics
16 Sep 2015 News Can Fibromyalgia in Children be Treated Without Medication?
10 Sep 2015 Social Do trigger point injections have a role in FM treatment? Possibly according to this small review.
08 Sep 2015 Social download the free #Fibromyalgia Patient info/education packet at RheumNow - Rheum News & Information
08 Sep 2015 Slide of the day Fibromyalgia Packet
08 Sep 2015 News Education of the Fibromyalgia Patient
31 Aug 2015 Social RT @hausmannMD: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for #fibromyalgia-an interesting Israeli trial #chroniclife #rheum http://…