Friday, 17 Aug 2018


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11 Jun 2016 Social 3/4 of US pts Dx'd with fibromyalgia do not meet FM Criteria. Are criteria a vague guide or insufficient inpractice
24 May 2016 News Opioid Prescriptions in Decline
20 May 2016 Social RT @NYTHealth: After years of relentless growth, opioid prescriptions in the U.S. are finally falling…
20 May 2016 Social Restless leg syndr:10% of US, Mov't helps;rest worsens. Often +FHx, low iron, CRI, worse w EtOH, caffeine,SSRI. Rx: codeine mirapex sine met
02 May 2016 Social FDA Drug Safety and Risk Management Commitees will meet May 3,4 to discuss long-acting Opioid REMS assure safe use
19 Apr 2016 Social @PainSpot novel but needs duplication to be real. B3 (nicotinamide) yields less squamous-cell & basal-cell skin CA (23%) &actinic keratoses
19 Apr 2016 News FDA Will Review Opioid Analgesic Use and REMS Programs for Pediatric Pain Patients
04 Apr 2016 Social RT @HaniElgabalawy: Opioid Abuse in Chronic Pain — Misconceptions and Mitigation Strategies — NEJM
29 Mar 2016 Social Cellphone apps to help regulate your sleep.
22 Mar 2016 Social RT @NYTHealth: The F.D.A. is requiring new warning labels for certain types of opioid painkillers
19 Mar 2016 Social RT @NYTHealth: The C.D.C.'s opioid guidelines are likely to have sweeping effects on the practice of medicine
16 Mar 2016 Social Manage your disease, not like a pro. Instead like a CEO! RheumNow presents a different approach for MDs & Patients
15 Mar 2016 News New CDC Guidelines on Prescribing Opiates for Pain
05 Mar 2016 Social RT @DrAiLynTan: Here's evidence #exercise may benefit fibromyalgia #pain
02 Mar 2016 Social POOR SLEEP: the under-recognized cause of 1) fatigue; 2) poor memory; 3) widespread pain; 4) frequent headaches; 5) numbness & dysesthesias
02 Mar 2016 Social Lengthened Cutaneous Silent Period in Fibromyalgia Suggesting Central Sensitization as a Pathogenesis
29 Feb 2016 Social Great video on "mindfulness" as a superpower and refocus to negative thinking, knee-jerk blurting & poor behaviors
23 Feb 2016 Social RT @DavidJuurlink: Amazing. For chronic back pain, mindfulness does what opioids do not: improve pain AND function
22 Feb 2016 News Only Two-Thirds of US Adults Get Adequate Sleep
03 Feb 2016 Social USA in midst of painkiller overdose epidemic w/ 44 overdose deaths daily. Higher risk when higher opioid doses used