Friday, 17 Jan 2020


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26 Oct 2018 Social RT @LCalabreseDO: Pegloticase is clearly our most important agent in Pts with high uric Acid burdens - it’s Achilles heal is immunogenicity…
26 Oct 2018 News Treat-to-Target Strategy Cuts Mortality in Gout Patients
25 Oct 2018 ACR Video Dr. Naomi Schlesinger: Pegloticase Trial
24 Oct 2018 Social RT @samwhittle: #ACR18 poster 1265: Gout management in primary care can be improved with a thoughtful structured approach. Quantity and qua…
23 Oct 2018 Social Filming now: our gout panel with these terrific people. We'll post it up tonight on #gout #ACR18
23 Oct 2018 Social RT @CCalabreseDO: prevalence of gout in the hip may be underestimated, as shown in abstract #2240 by use of ultrasound @RheumNow #ACR18
23 Oct 2018 Social RT @CCalabreseDO: allopurinol prescribing habits differ between rheumatologists and nephrologists. check out abstract #2228 @RheumNow #ACR18
23 Oct 2018 Social RT @DrPetryna: Abst L01 Risk of CV events in gout pts on XOI higher in pts with preexisting CVD: 16 events w/prior CV (23.2%), vs 6 w/no pr…
23 Oct 2018 ACR Video Dr. Naomi Schlesinger: Gout Trials
23 Oct 2018 ACR Video Dr. Cassie Calabrese: Gout
22 Oct 2018 News TRIPLE Trial Results
22 Oct 2018 ACR Video Dr. Sam Whittle: Five Factors in Gout
22 Oct 2018 News Gout and the Social Determinants of Health
21 Oct 2018 ACR Video Dr. Bill Shergy: Abstract on Gout - Does the Name Matter?
19 Oct 2018 News Nurse Led Gout Management Highly Effective
18 Oct 2018 News It's the Genes, Not the Diet that Raises Urate
10 Oct 2018 Social CONTACT (Colchicine or Naproxen TX for Acute Gout) presented at the British Society of Rheum Mtg - 399 OL study finds equivalent responses betw Nap & Col, but trends favoring naproxen for lower early pain scores, side effects, less rescue pain meds
09 Oct 2018 News Allopurinol Shown to be Renal Protective
28 Sep 2018 Social Horizon announces a new trial to evaluate the efficacy of MTX in prolonging efficacy and preventing anti-PEG antibodies in refractory gout patients treated with Pegloticase IV
18 Sep 2018 News Quarterly Canakinumab Reduces Gout Risk Without Affecting Uric Acid