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29 Dec 2017 News New BSR 2017 Gout Guidelines (Best of 2017)
22 Dec 2017 News Allopurinol Dose Escalation is Safe with Severe CKD
22 Dec 2017 News Risk of Gout Onset and Flare Linked to Urate Levels
21 Dec 2017 Social Olmstead Co (Mayo) study shows rising incidence of gout (67-->137/100000) from 1989 to 2010 is associated w/ rising rates of comorbidity (HTN 54->69%; DM 6-25%; CKD 11-28%; morbid obesity 10-29%) https://t.co/LsVYIa1rH5
18 Dec 2017 Social Check out Dr. Ken Saags #ACR17 video on the Triple study - how a tolerizing dose of pegloticase makes it safer and more tolerable! https://t.co/YwJtO2LVp7
13 Dec 2017 News Febuxostat Works in Early Gout But Fails to Protect from Xray Damage
12 Dec 2017 Social RT @GoutSolution: Pegloticase was approved in the USA to treat #gout in 2010. It is an option for the 3% of people who are intolerant to ot…
11 Dec 2017 Social Hyperuricemia seen in 32% of 1019 gout clinic pts and assoc. w/ d longer Dz duration, higher PASI scores, more comorbidities (CVD, MI, CHF, CRF), more nephrolithiasis, higher creatinine; but only 11 (3.4%) had gout. https://t.co/vK6DEqmZe8
11 Dec 2017 Social Comorbidities & polypharmacy in elderly gout pts complicate management. Flares Intra-articular steroid injx is preferred in accessible jts, followed by PO pred preferred over colchicine or NSAIDs. https://t.co/K3jrimPnJf
07 Dec 2017 Social Systematic review of ULT discontinuation - 5 studies shows that ULT D/C has good short term outcomes (esp if SUA is low) but delayed relapse rates occcuring 1-4.5 yrs later - more in gout (36-81%), less w/ urolithiasis (15%). https://t.co/RTIwuH154S
28 Nov 2017 News Gout Associated with Work Absenteeism
27 Nov 2017 Social Gout risk assoc w/ Soda & high fructose corn syrup. New NHANES study shows 1209 young adults, 20–30 yrs enrolled 20… https://t.co/Z8qvW3FgAE
14 Nov 2017 News Good News from ACR17 - Gout
08 Nov 2017 Social RT @philipcrobinson: I think that is a simplistic view, skills, knowledge and unknowns probably play a role in my view #ACR17 @RheumNow htt…
08 Nov 2017 Social RT @uptoTate: “Gout pts can have septic arthritis and sickle cell pts can have gout.” Dr J Cush Keep this in your sickle cell crisis Ddx. #…
08 Nov 2017 Social RT @uptoTate: Possible Gout and OA connection? Human cartilage increases amount and size of MSU crystals. #ACR17 @RheumNow #2896 https://t…
08 Nov 2017 Social Pegloticase subanalyses show that IV Peg significantly lowers blood pressure, but only in the responders! (WATCH TH… https://t.co/dGBn6dNCcM
08 Nov 2017 Social RT @WShergy: Low Uric acid may raise the risk of dementia. acr2017 @rheumnow#2080 https://t.co/bBL1mG0Ga7
07 Nov 2017 Social RT @philipcrobinson: Kaplan-Meier curve; not for death… but for developing gout by serum urate concentration #ACR17 @RheumNow https://t.co/…
07 Nov 2017 Social RT @philipcrobinson: Nice data on cumulative incidence of gout by serum urate #ACR17 @RheumNow https://t.co/HsDPGKLp2e