Friday, 18 Oct 2019


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12 Dec 2017 Social RT @GoutSolution: Pegloticase was approved in the USA to treat #gout in 2010. It is an option for the 3% of people who are intolerant to ot…
29 Dec 2017 Social Metanalysis of ULT adherence in Gout, 16 studies show adherence 46-48%, higher w/age, DM, HTN comorbidity
06 Nov 2017 Social RT @KDAO2011: Dr S Kim explaining to Dr Cush study on probenecid assc w/lower CV risk in elderly (eg. Cush) ACR17 @rheumnow #159 https://t.…
11 Jun 2015 Social Whats the safety & efficacy of NSAIDs vs COX2 vs steroids in managing acute gout? All work, but NSAIDs more AE's
08 Sep 2016 Social Dalbeth cautions about Rx asymptomatic hyperuricemia W/ ULT; such pts may be at higher risk of allopurinol toxicity
02 Jul 2019 Social Men with #gout are severely under treated, under educated and unmotivated to better manage their gout!
07 Nov 2017 Social RT @psufka: More data suggesting link between low uric acid and dementia. #ACR17 @RheumNow #2080
18 Nov 2016 Social RT @ARD_BMJ: Gout: colchicine users have less risk of cardiovascular events. Year in Review. Solomon ARD 2016. #ACR16 >FB
14 Aug 2019 Social Cross sectional analysis of ~3000 and meta-analysis (14 studies) finds #gout has a higher risk of hypothyroidism, esp in female gout pts (OR=2.44;1.15-5.17); Metaanalysis ^risk hypothyroidism in gout (OR=1.51) and hyperuricemic pts (OR=1.34)
14 Dec 2016 Social Case of Myelofibrosis and Gout w/ Uric acid of 12.8 mg/dl and punched out erosions on Xray.
16 May 2018 Social 4 elderly male gout pts who responded to initial pegloticase were retreated after a gap in therapy (12-156 wks); 3/4 responded and 1/4 infusion rxn lead to d/c.
13 Nov 2018 Social Large database study of incident gout (n = 41,446) shows chronic kidney dz (CKD stage ≥ 3) was nearly doubled in gout patients (adj HR 1.78 95% CI 1.70, 1.85) and that urate lowering therapy lowered CKD risk by 40% (HR 1.31)
27 Apr 2016 Social Dr. Nicola Dalbeths #Gout review in Lancet is stellar! She's leading the field w/ DECT scans, research & smart Rx.
16 Jun 2018 Social RT @DrPetryna: #eular18 @RheumNow ABST sat0356 Pegloticase leads to fast resolution of all visualised tophi in ~6.98, 7.14 and 12.02 mos fo…
06 Mar 2019 Social Pt with a history of gout. Acute onset of pain at 1st MTP joint. Ultrasound shows 1st MTP Synovitis. Synovial thickening with hypervascularity is noted on the dorsal aspect of 1st metatarsophalangeal joint.
08 Nov 2017 Social RT @uptoTate: Possible Gout and OA connection? Human cartilage increases amount and size of MSU crystals. #ACR17 @RheumNow #2896 https://t…
07 Sep 2017 Social 6/8 (75%) studies show weight loss reduces gout attacks in dose dep manner; bariatric surgery may incr SUA & attacks
27 Apr 2015 Social DECT scanning detected Urate deposits in 24% of asymptomatic hyperuricemia, 79% of early gout & 84% of late gout pts 
16 Jun 2016 Social Allopurinol doses > 300mg/d & longer duration use assoc w/ significantly decreased risk of ESRD, acute renal failure
17 May 2019 Social DECT is most accurate in diagnosing established gout - review of 10 studies shows a pooled (95% CI) sensitivity of 0.81 (0.77, 0.86) and specificity of 0.91 (0.85, 0.95), respectively. W/ short disease duration (⩽6 wks), sensitivity 0.55 and spec 0.89