Tuesday, 22 Oct 2019


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14 Jun 2017 News Mixed Results with Combination Therapy in Gout
05 Jun 2017 Slide of the day UPDATED Gout Stop Card
31 May 2017 News New BSR 2017 Gout Guidelines
30 May 2017 Social British Soc.Rheumatology releases new guideline for Rx of gout; noting curative ULT must be offered to all pts early https://t.co/eda5E6V7Lp
16 May 2017 Social Drug induced hyperuricemia: Diuretics, EMB, PZA, ASA, CyA, fructose, nicotinic acid, Xylitol, lactate, cytotoxics https://t.co/CXdGxBJaMP
29 Apr 2017 Social #SOTA2017 Dr. Gabriel In RA hyperuricemia is predictived of PAD and CV Events
26 Apr 2017 Social RT @DrAiLynTan: Recommended #allopurinol maintenance dose according to #renal function eGFR from Ed Roddy #Rheum2017 via @Drbeth_ #gout #ur…
19 Apr 2017 Social Acute Arthritis US sensitivity/specificity=double contour 42/92%, IA aggregates 58/92%, tophi 40/100. w/ PPV 88-100% https://t.co/pf2T3JBAeU
31 Mar 2017 Social Large US claims national database, current allopurinol use was assoc w/ 37% fewer CV events in gout & diabetes pts https://t.co/uE7KDxRnGC
30 Mar 2017 News Mortality in Gout Increased
23 Mar 2017 Social 3 US features of GOUT: double contour sign, tophus (hyperechoic aggregates), “snowstorm” of MSU aggregates https://t.co/ragnHxBTRW
15 Mar 2017 Social Xrays & DECT in 92 gout pts, tophi and urate assoc w/ 80% of all erosions. Urate, tophus volume predict erosions https://t.co/JlDle82bUx
14 Mar 2017 Social Great review of Gout 2017 by Dr. Keenan. Gout care cost $31.8 billion from 2005-11 https://t.co/hq8zGLNzUw
13 Mar 2017 News The UnderManagement of Gout
13 Mar 2017 Social In 2002, there was 3.9 million outpatient visits for #Gout - only 1.3% were to rheumatologists. https://t.co/r5PRddtNfY
10 Mar 2017 News EULAR Treat-to-Target Guidelines for Gout
09 Mar 2017 Social ~28000 Acute Coronary syndr pts finds increasing Urate is assoc w/ increased risk of CV events, regardless of gout https://t.co/5tKEcQ2o4g
16 Feb 2017 Social 5yr study of inpatient gout flares - predictors include GI Bleed, urinary catheter or Abx use. #RWCS2017 by Dr Orri… https://t.co/uup3sbK8Hd
09 Feb 2017 Social Unlike RA, gout pts sustained a 25% excess mortality rate that has NOT changed in the last 20 yrs. Sobering data. https://t.co/oQdNQA5yit
02 Feb 2017 News Gout is Undermanaged