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16 Jun 2015 Social 113 hyperuricemia pts randomized to PBO v allopurinol. Allopurinol had less CKD progression & less CV events(HR 0.43) http://t.co/wgKs7wWFeA
17 Jun 2015 Social SUGAR study:Classic #Gout- jt red,difficulty walking,max pain <24 hrs,duration<2 wks, tophus,MTP1,SUA>6,Xray erosion http://t.co/bSoP5t3LhL
29 Jun 2015 Social Costs of #Gout related to # flares. Claims data 102703 gout pts: 87% had 0-1 flares/yr; 9.4% 2 flares, 3.7% 3+ flares http://t.co/rTWHLIhqWE
09 Jul 2015 News Safety of Colchicine in End Stage Renal Disease
19 Jul 2015 News Alpha-1-Anti-Trypsin-Fc Fusion Protein Ameliorates Gouty Arthritis
20 Jul 2015 Social Septic Arthritis 3 fold higher in gout (HR 2.82 95% CI 2.1, 3.7) using claims data comparing 78K gout & 358K normals http://t.co/GU1V6Y8YWU
23 Jul 2015 News Allopurinol Risky in Asian Population
29 Jul 2015 Social LASSO studied 6 mos of new Allopurinol Rx. AE were few. T2T SUA <6 achieved in 22% (<300), 35% (300mg), 48% (>300mg) http://t.co/RrLHgbFLtC
30 Jul 2015 Social High risk CHF pts w/ hyperuricemia- treatment w/ allopurinol failed to improve outcomes, QOL, ejection fraction http://t.co/Z6H0MaKZYi
01 Aug 2015 Social 81 arthritis pts (1/2 w/ gout) were studied w/ DECT scans. DECT had sensitivity of 90% and specificity of 83%. http://t.co/fL6t7zFPmY
03 Aug 2015 Social 81 arthritis pts (1/2 w/ gout) were studied w/ DECT scans. DECT had sensitivity of 90% and specificity of 83%. http://t.co/T3Izfk0WjU
12 Aug 2015 Social In CKD patients allopurinol adjustments may not be needed; but Colchicine must be adjusted w/ CKD- high toxicity risk http://t.co/ZsfwuCXxwv
17 Aug 2015 Social Salivery uric acid levels measureable in gout - more proof that gout is a systemic uric acid deposition disease http://t.co/cA03VMuG39
17 Aug 2015 News Rheumatologists are Not Always Aligned with 2012 ACR Gout Guidelines
27 Aug 2015 News Hyperuricemia, Death & Kidney Disease
02 Sep 2015 Social Claims data shows incidence of Atrial Fib was 7.19 in gout & 5.87/1000PY in OA - 13-21% higher in Gout pts http://t.co/zJtypwLvpT #meded
10 Sep 2015 Social Wearable mouth guard capable of tracking uric acid levels! Is this the future of gout? http://t.co/qjbJN5jaJa
14 Sep 2015 Social High RDW is associated w/ risk of recurrent gout flares, renal disease, high Hgb, but not with ESR, CRP http://t.co/emOclTkevF
23 Sep 2015 Social High consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages causes higher serum urate levels, but only in those with high BMI http://t.co/yHJSKrx3gl
30 Sep 2015 News Health Hazards of Fructose and Soda