Tuesday, 31 Mar 2020


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19 Apr 2017 Social Acute Arthritis US sensitivity/specificity=double contour 42/92%, IA aggregates 58/92%, tophi 40/100. w/ PPV 88-100% https://t.co/pf2T3JBAeU
26 Apr 2017 Social RT @DrAiLynTan: Recommended #allopurinol maintenance dose according to #renal function eGFR from Ed Roddy #Rheum2017 via @Drbeth_ #gout #ur…
29 Apr 2017 Social #SOTA2017 Dr. Gabriel In RA hyperuricemia is predictived of PAD and CV Events
16 May 2017 Social Drug induced hyperuricemia: Diuretics, EMB, PZA, ASA, CyA, fructose, nicotinic acid, Xylitol, lactate, cytotoxics https://t.co/CXdGxBJaMP
30 May 2017 Social British Soc.Rheumatology releases new guideline for Rx of gout; noting curative ULT must be offered to all pts early https://t.co/eda5E6V7Lp
31 May 2017 News New BSR 2017 Gout Guidelines
05 Jun 2017 Slide of the day UPDATED Gout Stop Card
14 Jun 2017 News Mixed Results with Combination Therapy in Gout
16 Jun 2017 News Gouts' Increasing Hospitalizations and Poor Management
24 Jul 2017 Social Discrepancy between ultrasound and DECT quantification of urate tophi in gout joints; lower sensitivity w/ DECT https://t.co/RL5Vkq6GSz
11 Aug 2017 Social RT @emartinmola: For acute gout, corticosteroids look safer than NSAIDs https://t.co/yo3AV66waX
18 Aug 2017 Social Study of Acute gout: 26% had SF MSU & CPP crystals. CPP crystals assoc w/ gout duration, CKD, erosive dz; not age https://t.co/K8OT8yanNW
18 Aug 2017 News Pegloticase Infusion Reactions Largely Seen in Non-Responders
31 Aug 2017 Social RT @pg_saavedra: Acute #gout treatment algorithm by Mayo Clinics #GoutFlare #AcuteGout @RheumPearls @RheumNow @ACRheum @RheumJnl https://t.…
07 Sep 2017 Social 6/8 (75%) studies show weight loss reduces gout attacks in dose dep manner; bariatric surgery may incr SUA & attacks https://t.co/qwi1Hyk0jn
11 Oct 2017 Social In 11 studies & 938 gout pts, the diagnostic accuracy of Ultrasound in Gout = sensitivity 65% and specificity of 89% https://t.co/pz04KKur5T
18 Oct 2017 News Gout Increases Risk of Stroke Moreso than MI
20 Oct 2017 Social Review of 10 wt loss intervention trials in obese or overweight gout pts - 6/8 showed Wt loss reduces attacks. https://t.co/pfEAoWwdIR
27 Oct 2017 Social Metanalysis of ULT adherence in Gout, 16 studies show adherence 46-48%, higher w/age, DM, HTN comorbidityhttps://buff.ly/2y6kOQd
27 Oct 2017 Social RheumNow Wk in Review is up! Cush on gout, CV risk, Biosimilars,FDA approvals.Vid or podcast https://t.co/UJHqRBPPGo https://t.co/MYf4CnCWOR