Tuesday, 31 Mar 2020


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02 Oct 2015 Social Cactus Registry of 3079 #Gout pts, more than 1/2 have obesity, HTN, Hi-Lipids. Mean entry urate = 8.7 mg/dl http://t.co/XVx11sqIG5
02 Oct 2015 Social Only 1 of 27 transplant pts w/ hyperuricemia (no hx gout, arthritis) had DECT scan evidence of tissue urate deposits http://t.co/L5gyAx51DB
03 Oct 2015 Social RT @NatRevRheumatol: New Review on allopurinol hypersensitivity in #gout - causes and risks, by Stamp, Day & Yun £ http://t.co/Ox7e7pN1gC h…
04 Oct 2015 Social Pyrazinamide & ethambutol cause hyperuricemia (incr~5mg/dl) w/ impaired urate renal excretion, but no effx on Creat http://t.co/JcFrEFXqv4
05 Oct 2015 Social OMERACT defines Ultrasound elementary lesions for #Gout; double contour sign, tophus, aggregates, & erosions http://t.co/hxW00Vvrjv
07 Oct 2015 Social The price of generics more than doubled in 1/7 generics. Colchicine price rose 2000% w/ FDA new safety policies. http://t.co/wcFKfBAYz6
08 Oct 2015 Social Crystal ID from 1593 SF finds MSU in 83% gout, 10% PsA, 2.8% OA, 0% RA or SpA. CPPD in 86% pseudogout, 19% RA,14% OA http://t.co/298bYOdlXv
09 Oct 2015 News Visceral and Liver Fat Linked With Men's High Urate
20 Oct 2015 News Initiation of Urate-Lowering Therapy During Gout Attacks
20 Oct 2015 News Sleep Apnea Increases Risk of Gout
21 Oct 2015 News FDA Reviews the Safety of Lesinurad in Gout
21 Oct 2015 Social FDA reviews potential new gout drug Lesinurad (URAT-1 inhibitor) on friday. ULT for for use with allopurinol. https://t.co/tIXlgjQAOr
22 Oct 2015 Social Gouty arthritis requiring allopurinol is associated with an excess risk of major fractures and hip Fx, moreso in men https://t.co/Uap8lHE07G
23 Oct 2015 Social FDA Arthritis Advisory Committee votes 10-4 in favor of Lesinurad (+XOI) for hyperuricemia/gout; despite safety concerns over renal effects
26 Oct 2015 News FDA Panel Votes 10-4 to Approve Lesinurad for the Treatment of Hyperuricemia/Gout
26 Oct 2015 Social 75 pts >50 yrs w knee effusions were studied:Ultrasound was more sensitive(60 v 40%) & specific (97 v 83%) than Xray https://t.co/dKr2BbZphN
27 Oct 2015 Social Study of 97 pts: Risk of anaphylaxis with 1st infusion of rasburicase is zero, but goes to 6.1% with 2nd infusion. https://t.co/GAnejQK2Ja
28 Oct 2015 Social Within 4 wks of starting allopurinol or febuxostat, lower urate assoc w/ better renal function but no effect on HTN. https://t.co/7zZHrmnRMv
30 Oct 2015 News No Correlation Between Urate Crystal Identification and Cardiovascular Risk
04 Nov 2015 Social Small RCT shows that education on diet does not further improve urate levels in gout pts on ULT. https://t.co/ArP4saMVtr