Thursday, 17 Aug 2017


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21 Oct 2015 News FDA Reviews the Safety of Lesinurad in Gout
20 Oct 2015 News Sleep Apnea Increases Risk of Gout
20 Oct 2015 News Initiation of Urate-Lowering Therapy During Gout Attacks
09 Oct 2015 News Visceral and Liver Fat Linked With Men's High Urate
08 Oct 2015 Social Crystal ID from 1593 SF finds MSU in 83% gout, 10% PsA, 2.8% OA, 0% RA or SpA. CPPD in 86% pseudogout, 19% RA,14% OA
07 Oct 2015 Social The price of generics more than doubled in 1/7 generics. Colchicine price rose 2000% w/ FDA new safety policies.
05 Oct 2015 Social OMERACT defines Ultrasound elementary lesions for #Gout; double contour sign, tophus, aggregates, & erosions
04 Oct 2015 Social Pyrazinamide & ethambutol cause hyperuricemia (incr~5mg/dl) w/ impaired urate renal excretion, but no effx on Creat
03 Oct 2015 Social RT @NatRevRheumatol: New Review on allopurinol hypersensitivity in #gout - causes and risks, by Stamp, Day & Yun £ h…
02 Oct 2015 Social Only 1 of 27 transplant pts w/ hyperuricemia (no hx gout, arthritis) had DECT scan evidence of tissue urate deposits
02 Oct 2015 Social Cactus Registry of 3079 #Gout pts, more than 1/2 have obesity, HTN, Hi-Lipids. Mean entry urate = 8.7 mg/dl
30 Sep 2015 News Health Hazards of Fructose and Soda
23 Sep 2015 Social High consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages causes higher serum urate levels, but only in those with high BMI
14 Sep 2015 Social High RDW is associated w/ risk of recurrent gout flares, renal disease, high Hgb, but not with ESR, CRP
10 Sep 2015 Social Wearable mouth guard capable of tracking uric acid levels! Is this the future of gout?
02 Sep 2015 Social Claims data shows incidence of Atrial Fib was 7.19 in gout & 5.87/1000PY in OA - 13-21% higher in Gout pts #meded
27 Aug 2015 News Hyperuricemia, Death & Kidney Disease
17 Aug 2015 News Rheumatologists are Not Always Aligned with 2012 ACR Gout Guidelines
17 Aug 2015 Social Salivery uric acid levels measureable in gout - more proof that gout is a systemic uric acid deposition disease
12 Aug 2015 Social In CKD patients allopurinol adjustments may not be needed; but Colchicine must be adjusted w/ CKD- high toxicity risk