Monday, 26 Jun 2017


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13 May 2015 Social NonAlcoholic fatty liver dz signif lower w/ regular low dose ASA; but higher w/ hyperuricemia
09 May 2015 Social Review of Losartan shows its uricosuric, can lower Uric acid ~1.6 mg/dl & may be useful in HTN w/ hyperuricemia
04 May 2015 Social Erectile dsyfunction in #Gout. Even after adjustments for age, hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. 
01 May 2015 Social Prednisone safe for symptomatic hyperuricaemic patients with Cardiac Failure & Hypertension Editorial #rheumedu …
29 Apr 2015 Social MRI study of Gout & RA: synovitis in both. Gout had less cartilage damage (CD), but BM edema & CD strongest in RA 
27 Apr 2015 News CKD is a gout risk factor
27 Apr 2015 Social DECT scanning detected Urate deposits in 24% of asymptomatic hyperuricemia, 79% of early gout & 84% of late gout pts 
20 Apr 2015 Social Allopurinol reviewed at RheumaKnowledgy  via @Rheumnow
04 Feb 2015 News Night-time Gout Onset is Not Related to Alcohol or Purine Intake