Tuesday, 31 Mar 2020


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27 Feb 2020 Social RT @KDAO2011: Anyone else getting hysterical patients? They want to stop their biologic because they “know” they are going to get #COVID201…
01 May 2017 Social #SOTA2017 Dr Caryn Libbey AA - 30% present with one organ dz (usually renal) & 43% present w/ 3 organ dz - latter t… https://t.co/lW3N0d9IPD
03 Nov 2017 Social RT @philipcrobinson: Another study supporting the finding that low urate is associated with dementia. But is it caused by confounding? #GCA…
16 Mar 2018 Social The RheumNow Week in Review Podcast is available on iTunes, Apple Podcast, Stitcher or Sound Cloud - subscribe and listen away ! https://t.co/qoSVw35fKt
18 Sep 2015 Social Recovery after exercise goes beyond stretching; mental recovery being the hardest http://t.co/W55H7rWtYv @DrPetryna
02 Aug 2018 Social RT @RheumNow: For Patients only - What would you prefer as your doctor walks into the room to greet you?
27 Mar 2019 Social 2019 Doximity report shows Rheumatologists are the 14th lowest paid of all medical specialties; but is amongst the lowest with a gender gap difference. check it out here https://t.co/j3YOybQ78n
30 Mar 2020 Social 3/29 There are 122,653 cases of COVID-19 in the US, with 2112 deaths. On CNN Sunday, Dr. Anthony Fauci said there could be over 100,000 deaths and millions of people infected - but added "Dont hold me to that", this is "such a moving target." https://t.co/SfEJwo6GgS
31 Jul 2017 Social Among 608 SSc pts 3% developed Scl renal crisis - risk w/ digital gangrene, pred >15, alb <3, cardiac involvement https://t.co/R6HpDSbk3R
20 Nov 2017 Social NY Times review shows physicians spend more time on the EMR than time spent with patients (sometimes twice as much!… https://t.co/F02FoqKh3j
08 Apr 2018 Social Providing medical care is more of a commitment to the patient, than a commitment to science. Empathy, understanding and listening are incredibly hard when you think you have all the answers. - From todays blog on "Least Favored Patient" on RheumNow. https://t.co/9ERyuBjYsr https://t.co/Swhzatyxn9
07 Sep 2018 Social Should you accept gifts from patients? Yes! Accepting their gifts is the same as accepting their complements. Don’t shun them, don’t minimize them, be gracious and admit that the gift means a lot to you. @StGeorgesU White Coat Ceremony
21 Jun 2019 Social CDC reports a 3-10mos shortage of Aplisol, a PPD product. Another PPD product, Tubersol is available for skin testing. CDC recs to use IGRA blood tests for TST & prioritize TSTs. Switching from PPD to IGRA may result in conversions requiring interpretation https://t.co/eJGOHVCbkO
24 Jul 2016 Social RT @DeloitteHealth: Public health insurance exchanges have operated for nearly three years - where are we now? https://t.co/t5tkMn8HiZ #HCD…
08 Aug 2017 Social For Drs delivering a Dx- its worth remembering that your words & this moment will last a lifetime so make the effort https://t.co/Ngv8h39NHz
08 Dec 2017 Social RT @NYTHealth: Being a doctor is hard. It’s harder for women. https://t.co/i1OItL5JQN
25 Oct 2018 Social RT @KDAO2011: Would you leave ABIM and join alternate board certification bodies (eg: ABAI: American Board of Allergy and Immunology). ACR…
18 Sep 2019 Social Check out this "Fellows Corner" resource on how to keep up with the literature - Very well thought through! Congrats! https://t.co/JsgMyHWL9o
17 Oct 2016 Social Merck and Aetna inked deal to link rebates for Januvia & Janumet to treatment outcomes in type 2 diabetes https://t.co/xZdairH2xs
29 Aug 2017 Social 1667 geriatric pts w/ Septic arthritis matched 1:10 w/o; those w/ Septic arthritis had 50-100% increase mortality https://t.co/LcMpdKT6pI