Tuesday, 31 Mar 2020


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26 Jul 2019 Social RT @AngusWorthing: A lot happening on reforms to curb high drug prices! Yesterday, @ChuckGrassley & @RonWyden's bill cleared Senate Finance…
01 Sep 2016 Social If I'm so digital, why am I still getting paper cuts? A how to treat clinic https://t.co/nuKUHm6Prm
16 Aug 2017 Social RT @AcademicsSay: an academic prayer https://t.co/PmyifASPcD
21 Dec 2017 Social Life expectancy at birth in the U.S. fell slightly in 2016 (for 2nd consecutive yr)-- to 78.6 years from 78.7 years in 2015, according to the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics. https://t.co/dAcIflYMxs
13 Dec 2019 Social More than half of all US physicians recommend complementary health approaches (CHAs) to their pts - Most rec: massage therapy 30%, chiropractic/osteopathic manipulation 27%, herbs/supplements 26%, yoga 26% and acupuncture 22%. https://t.co/eyiU3LbNLN
16 Sep 2017 Social Story telling is the best mode of communicating, teaching, selling and entertaining. https://t.co/BMEndXvXx1
10 Feb 2018 Social RT @uptoTate: Dr. Hahn reminds us about burnout! #RWCS @RheumNow https://t.co/8AbwUwnDGo
08 Jun 2018 Social FDA Approves Rituximab for Pemphigus Vulgaris which affects up to 40,000 patients in the USA https://t.co/MKOdFiI2MX
31 Dec 2018 Social "I'm addicted to placebos. I'd give them up, but it wouldn't make any difference." - Steven Wright
15 Feb 2020 Social RT @HealioRheum: Is #telemedicine the future for #rheumatology or a potential legal nightmare? Dr. Alvin Wells @DukeHealth and Dr. Orrin Tr…
01 Jun 2016 Social FDA rules to lower Salt content by manufacturers & resturants - decreasing daily Na intake from 3.4 to 2.3g/d. https://t.co/wJC7G5DNZS
30 Apr 2017 Social RT @DrRachelTate: Consider Iyengar yoga, tai chi, acupuncture, massage, myofascial release, OMM, chiropractic tx. Dr. Chiaramonte @RheumNow…
15 Mar 2018 Social RT @hausmannMD: Read about this and my other 14 tips for evaluating patients in the consult service. https://t.co/tNQ0QnixxC #rheum #MedEd…
16 Sep 2015 Social 2012 NHANES shows that 12-14% of US adults have diabetes & prevalence of prediabetes is 37- 38% http://t.co/slPw639cUw
27 Jul 2018 Social Is Bioelectronics (Vagal Nerve Stimulators, etc) the next big thing in therapeutics? Big Companies making big investments https://t.co/oY96EKAs4d
14 Mar 2019 Social #1 Humira tops list of top selling drugs of 2018 at $19.9 Billion worldwide sales. Other Rheum drugs include #6 Rituxan $6.9 billion and #10 Stelara $5.2 billion https://t.co/mj5nTIQHL0
27 Mar 2020 Social Rheumnow PSA #5 -- Dealing with STRESS. Dr Cush and patient Tena Brown discuss how to deal with STRESS. https://t.co/BYo7oW25YB
03 Sep 2015 Social NEJM In-Flight Emergencies reviewed; odds are 1/600 (only 0.3% end up in death); includes fainting 27%, SOB12%, MI 8% http://t.co/voWJSS3QOQ
27 Jul 2017 Social Biologics make for 90% of cost of care- infusions cost/Yr RTX $36,663; TCZ $36,821, INFLX $; ABA $46,532 https://t.co/HJNaVh4A5m
19 Nov 2017 Social RT @MattieRheumMD: Highest rebate wins preferred spot on formulary. Rebate=list price x % rebate x # scripts filled (+fees) Perverse pressu…