Friday, 23 Aug 2019


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23 Sep 2015 Social "You can observe a lot by watching" Yogi Berra (1925-2015)
02 May 2018 Social Creaky Joints and GHLF survey shows New York patients with chronic health conditions have experienced “non-medical switching” (with unsavory consequences) —insurance coverage reductions which pressure patients to switch their prescription medication;
30 Aug 2017 Social Shared decision making: 1)recognize the decision 2)know options 3)what values 4)discuss values 5)pt participation
18 Jan 2018 Social RT @uptoTate: Senate Committee Approves Alex Azar to Head HHS via @medscape
15 May 2018 Social RT @CCalabreseDO: Making headway in fight against CHIKV? candidate vaccine receives fast-track status from FDA @Hea…
09 Feb 2018 Social RT @uptoTate: The future of rheumatology! #RWCS @RheumNow
29 Oct 2015 Social RT @psufka: Decision Fatigue in Physicians and Medicine: The Importance of Routines and Habits…
24 Dec 2018 Social By turning my back to the EMR, looking 1 on 1 at the patient and letting the patient tell their story, I collect more information, trust and goodness than I would ever from by reading reams of reports and results and "documenting"
01 Sep 2015 Social New Statin Drug approvals (Praluent, Repatha ) should have no muscle sxs but cost >$14000/yr
30 Mar 2017 Social FDA approves anti-CD20 Ocrelizumab for relapsing, primary progr Multiple sclerosis based on OPERA 1,2, Octavius RCTs
20 Jul 2018 Social Amazon is shaking up the $3.4 trillion health care market. It has acquired the fast-growing online pharmacy PillPack And named famed surgeon and author Atul Gawande as CEO of its new health care company
18 Oct 2017 Social Dr Eric Hurd, Professor of IM & Rheumatology has passed away. A great mentor, teacher, clinician & dedicated VA doc
21 Feb 2018 Social Checkout the #RWCS video by Dr. Uma Mahadevan (from UCSF) as she provides gastroenterology pearls for rheumatologists at the 2018 RWCS meeting in Maui.
12 Feb 2019 Social The CDC says the flu season is peaking and far from over.
03 Sep 2018 Social This weeks tweets are exerpts from my recent keynote speach at the St. Georges Univ School of Medicine (#SGU) White Coat Ceremony. Best wishes to the Class of 2022! We expect great things from you!
02 Apr 2018 Social Providing medical care is more of a commitment to the patient, than a commitment to science. Empathy, understanding and listening are incredibly hard when you think you have all the answers. - From todays blog on "Least Favored Patient" on RheumNow.
07 May 2015 Social What NOT to do when you are clinically lost: 1. Wait for someone to throw a brick through the window with the answer on it 2. Do nothing
14 May 2019 Social Public health study from Norway compares the top 1% richest and bottom 1% poorest found significant difference in life expectancy -14 years for men and 8 years for women. Similar USA study finds roughly the same as in Norway.
08 Oct 2018 Social Dr. Joel Kremer and other docs at Albany Medical college are believers in the benefits of yoga science as a means of wellness and practical self-care techniques that can relieve and prevent physician burnout - program started by Leonard Perlmutter
15 Aug 2019 Social Chance over metrics? If your metrics are not predictive, then you have failed metrics and the opportunity to refine, Change or rethink. Should you randomly chose a drug from equivalent drugs or use data to make a better choice?