Friday, 23 Aug 2019


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30 Sep 2015 Social Primary erythromelagia review: Affects <1/100,000 w/ recurrent burning pain, warmth & redness
30 Mar 2017 Social FDA approves anti-CD20 Ocrelizumab for relapsing, primary progr Multiple sclerosis based on OPERA 1,2, Octavius RCTs
03 Sep 2018 Social This weeks tweets are exerpts from my recent keynote speach at the St. Georges Univ School of Medicine (#SGU) White Coat Ceremony. Best wishes to the Class of 2022! We expect great things from you!
14 May 2019 Social Public health study from Norway compares the top 1% richest and bottom 1% poorest found significant difference in life expectancy -14 years for men and 8 years for women. Similar USA study finds roughly the same as in Norway.
10 Aug 2017 Social Review of autoinflammatory CANDLE (Chr. Atypical Neutrophilic Dermatosis w/ Lipodystrophy & Elevated temp)
01 May 2017 Social #SOTA2017 Dr Caryn Libbey prevalent amyloid forms differ according to geography
07 Sep 2018 Social "Do you Know What the difference is between a great doctor and a mediocre one? The best doctors have two traits - curiosity and never giving less than 100%” @StGeorgesU White Coat Ceremony
26 Jun 2019 Social The BMS merger with Celgene to be hastened by BMS divesting itself from Otezla.
08 Jul 2015 Social RT @RonanTKavanagh: Samuel Shem, ‘House of God’ author letter in @nytimes today
08 Dec 2017 Social RT @MartinSGaynor: Pretty basic question - why aren’t most physician practices open evenings & weekends when it’s convenient for their pati…
24 Jul 2016 Social EMAIL control:1)Requests-Do, Delegate,Defer 2) Not a request-Delete,Dump (file) to archive 3)Email rules 4)
19 Apr 2018 Social Women are not bad patients, and neither are men. Both are equally capable of noncompliance, nonadherence, polypharmacy, medication misuse, no-shows or not paying their bills. Sexist Rheumatology debate: Cush vs Dao.
20 Nov 2018 Social RT @ImmunoMet: A step-by-step guide to academic publication for young investigators #SciComm #PhD #postdoc #scientist…
17 Aug 2015 Social Last minute advice on ICD-10 change over
22 Sep 2017 Social RT @DanielHSolomon: #BWH #Rheum Journal Club discusses today the association between uric acid levels and incident dementia…
15 Jan 2018 Social RT @kdao2011 Let your patients know the benefits of the occasional swear word: Cursing can help us withstand pain and more. … via @WSJ !#*/@!^$!
16 Jun 2018 Social RT @psufka: Over time, this has been the most popular blog post I’ve written: Decision Fatigue in Physicians and Medicine: The Importance o…
17 Jan 2019 Social For what reason have you "fired" or discharged a patient from your clinic
04 Nov 2017 Social 5 training prgs: >50% Rheum fellows uncomfortable managing infusion rxns.11% had training; but did poor grade 4 Rxns
12 Feb 2018 Social RT @uptoTate: Procedure risks with anti-coagulation therapies. Dr. U. Mahadevan #RWCS @RheumNow