Thursday, 19 Sep 2019


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08 Dec 2017 Social RT @MartinSGaynor: Pretty basic question - why aren’t most physician practices open evenings & weekends when it’s convenient for their pati…
01 May 2017 Social #SOTA2017 Dr Caryn Libbey prevalent amyloid forms differ according to geography
07 Sep 2018 Social "Do you Know What the difference is between a great doctor and a mediocre one? The best doctors have two traits - curiosity and never giving less than 100%” @StGeorgesU White Coat Ceremony
26 Jun 2019 Social The BMS merger with Celgene to be hastened by BMS divesting itself from Otezla.
15 Jan 2018 Social RT @kdao2011 Let your patients know the benefits of the occasional swear word: Cursing can help us withstand pain and more. … via @WSJ !#*/@!^$!
19 May 2015 Social My top 10 Tweets this year and why every rheumatologist should join the Twitter community!.
10 Aug 2017 Social Review of autoinflammatory CANDLE (Chr. Atypical Neutrophilic Dermatosis w/ Lipodystrophy & Elevated temp)
13 May 2018 Social Not all symptoms merit a diagnosis or disease; some are just evidence of human imperfection
14 Dec 2018 Social RT @LCalabreseDO: Read my take on why TWITTER can be a + force in the field of RHEUM! @RheumNow @psufka RonanTKavanaugh @AWIRGOUP @creakyjo…
27 Sep 2015 Social Should physicians communicate with patients by Email? RheumNow covers this issue with recomendations
18 Feb 2018 Social RT @EricTopol: Since I began med school, #healthcare grew to become the #1 business in the #US. Here are a few metrics that convey the chan…
07 Sep 2017 Social RT @DrAiLynTan: No bleeding complications for joint injection in patients on direct oral #anticoagulants via @MayoP…
23 Nov 2016 Social Dr. Calabrese ponders how the Microbiome and Natural Wines are connected. Wine & the Rheumatologist is back!
20 Jul 2018 Social RT @LCalabreseDO: @medicalaxioms On a good day I can handle this - on a great day when I taste my toothpaste in the AM I can truely empath…
29 Oct 2015 Social >3 hrs/d TV viewing assoc w/ increase death rates from cancer, CV Dz, DM, influenza/pneumonia, Parkinsons, liver dz.
31 Mar 2018 Social RT @psufka: Apple's plan to put health records on your phone has huge implications for medicine
29 Aug 2015 Social What it's like to be blessed by patient appreciation & why Rheums are the "favored few".
13 Oct 2017 Social Congratulations and thanks to all PHYSICIAN ASSISTANTS in rheum - this is national PA week! We need more PA's!
24 Mar 2017 Social RT @DanielHSolomon: Press Release: Proposed NIH Funding Cuts #bwhresearch new budget devastating for patients with rheumatic disease https:…
27 Aug 2018 Social Lesley Ann Saketkoo, MD, an associate professor of clinical medicine at Tulane University School of Medicine, has been named Doctor of the Year by the Scleroderma Foundation.