Friday, 27 Mar 2020


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24 Jan 2020 Social Article on Yahoo about "7 Red Flags You Need a New Rheumatologist" 1 )When they discourage your own research 2) Don’t believe you 3) Bad info on health insurance 4) Rx everyone the same 5) Dx by lab results 6 ) No questions allowed 7) "nothing I can do”
20 Jan 2020 Social Physicians estimate that about 15% of their patients - they dread to see; as they cause aversion, fear, despair or even malice. Washington post reviews how demanding patients should and should not be with their physicians.
17 Jan 2020 Social Thanks to Irwin and Rheuma Republic for this generous bio and profile of yours truly. RheumNow gives me a daily chance to spread the wealth or to get it right!
09 Jan 2020 Social Study of 1054 adults with septic bone, joint, prosthetic infections shows that 6 weeks of oral antibiotic therapy cost less and was noninferior to IV antibiotic therapy (success rate ~85% at 1 year) while being >20% cheaper
09 Jan 2020 Social #UTSW Rheumatology grand rounds with Dr Heidi Jacobi . Serologic and lab findings in patients with MOPHEA
28 Dec 2019 Social Doctors know medicines. But when a doctor treats him/herself the adage is that he/she has a fool for a patient. Remind your patients of this next time they try to test themselves with out the input if an expert
28 Dec 2019 Social RT @ACPinternists: #DidYouKnow Sir #WilliamOsler died ☠️ of what he called “the old man’s friend” (#pneumonia)? Learn more about the “fath…
23 Dec 2019 Blog Millennial Doctors: Digital natives and the death of medicine as we know it
19 Dec 2019 Social RT @KilianMD: #Doctors on the road: Which specialties are caught speeding most often?... Hilarious and awesome study, and a great interac…
14 Dec 2019 Social Great Full Text, Full Read review of obstructive sleep apnea in 12/3/19 Annals of Internal Medicine Mild OSA: AHI or REI ≥5 but <15 events/h Moderate OSA: AHI or REI ≥15 but <30 events/h Severe OSA: AHI or REI ≥30 events/h
13 Dec 2019 Social More than half of all US physicians recommend complementary health approaches (CHAs) to their pts - Most rec: massage therapy 30%, chiropractic/osteopathic manipulation 27%, herbs/supplements 26%, yoga 26% and acupuncture 22%.
30 Nov 2019 Social RT @psufka: Looks like the latest ACR on Air podcast is up — episode 5 — recorded during #ACR19 with host @hausmannMD and @DrBhana and myse…
19 Nov 2019 News Can the Happiest Subspecialists Experience Burnout?
13 Nov 2019 Social RT @DrKanikaMonga: “Health tech isn’t just the future, it is the present” - @gnayyar Listen to the incredible Dr. Geeta Nayyar talk to us…
12 Nov 2019 ACR Video Dr. Dao talks with Dr. Gwenesta Melton about Women in Rheumatology
12 Nov 2019 ACR Video Social Media Professionalism: Dr. Michael Putman and Dr. Jilaine Bolek Berquist
11 Nov 2019 Social RT @_connectedcare: Virtual Reality & Therapeutic Gaming is not the treatment It helps on the pathway to achieve the goal VR by being immer…
11 Nov 2019 ACR Video Legislative Update: Dr. Rachel Tate
11 Nov 2019 Social RT @psufka: #ACR19 Rheumatology Social Media and the medical professional — @BolekBerqui Thread ⬇️⬇️⬇️ @RheumNow
17 Oct 2019 Social The risks of pulmonary embolism after 6 types of surgery assessed using 60703 patients in a French national database. PE risk elevated for 12 weeks, highest in 6wks Pos-Op.