Friday, 22 Mar 2019


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13 Jul 2015 News The High Cost and Burden of Sepsis
13 Jul 2015 News 21st Century Cures Act Passes in the House
16 Jul 2015 News Tribute to Dr. Norman Talal
19 Jul 2015 Social Atul Gawande's "Being Mortal" highlights in DallasNews. "Don’t you give up on me,You give me every chance I’ve got.”
20 Jul 2015 Social @PhilipGardiner @reumed123 Oh the glory of Botox is in the listing of what has been tried. I happened to run out of space in my tweet! Thnx
21 Jul 2015 News Women Paid Less as Consultants to Pharma... Again?
29 Jul 2015 Blog How do you handle questions about sex?
03 Aug 2015 News CDC Report: 22% of USA Population is Disabled
05 Aug 2015 Blog Wine and the rheumatologist: on aging
06 Aug 2015 Social Dr Len Calabrese writes another masterful blog on Wine and the Rheumatologist!
10 Aug 2015 Social ICD-10 to-do list by Dr Bergman at RheumNow. Code difference for bitten by duck (W61.61XA) or hit w/ duck (W61.62XA)?
11 Aug 2015 News Testosterone Therapy Yields No Cardiovascular Harm
11 Aug 2015 News Electronic Health Records Gets Low Scores Among Physicians
13 Aug 2015 Blog Women: stand up for yourselves!
17 Aug 2015 Social Last minute advice on ICD-10 change over
18 Aug 2015 News More On ICD-10
19 Aug 2015 News Priorities for NIAMS Research Funding
19 Aug 2015 Social Cush reviews Travel Tips for Arthritis Patients, how to handle injectables, when traveling to TB endemic countries?
20 Aug 2015 Blog Compounded Pain Cream Scams
24 Aug 2015 News Poll: Americans Favor Federal Action on Drug Prices