Tuesday, 16 Jul 2019


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10 Oct 2018 Social Congratulations to the NIH's Dr. Marcela A. Ferrada who is slated to receive ACR Distinguished Fellow Award for her work in Relapsing Polychondritis. https://t.co/6ojPHlnLZw
09 Oct 2018 Social Nurses Health Study shows curious results with low dose ASA <100mg having a lower risk of Ovarian Cancer (HR, 0.77; 95% CI, 0.61-0.96); but not so with ASA >324mg (HR, 1.17) and NSAIDS have a higher risk (HR, 1.19; 95% CI, 1.00-1.41). https://t.co/aN7pEH4NT4
08 Oct 2018 Social Dr. Joel Kremer and other docs at Albany Medical college are believers in the benefits of yoga science as a means of wellness and practical self-care techniques that can relieve and prevent physician burnout - program started by Leonard Perlmutter https://t.co/wNMPPQ8Due
03 Oct 2018 Social Great article by Dr. Robt Schmerling on Physicians and Conflict of Interest issues - Everyone should read and ask these questions - Is it ok for my relationships to be on the front page of the daily newspaper? https://t.co/q7dEpcvlY9 https://t.co/ejXuHy8gmM
02 Oct 2018 Social JAMA study of 59 FDA approved drugs (138 pivotal RCTs) in 2015-2016 shows the median cost per trial to be $19 million (range, $5 million for uncontrolled 3 orphan drugs to $347 million for noninferiority trial). Noninferiority trials most expensive! https://t.co/F0X5V5I0RD
01 Oct 2018 Social Armadillos may be vectors for Leprosy (M. Leprae). Zoonotic transmission by nine-banded armadillos reported in southern US (TX, LA, FLA), Brazil and S America, May cause ulcers, skin lesions, neuropathy, arthritis. https://t.co/YHHs6tJ8Ae
30 Sep 2018 Social CDC: 80,000 - the Record Number of Influenza Deaths in 2017. RheumNow - https://t.co/VXXguQYVNk
28 Sep 2018 Social Charity Navigators evaluation shows among America's 10 Best Medical Research Organizations are the Arthritis National Research Foundation and the Scleroderma Research Foundation https://t.co/2sMGhwbj9c
22 Sep 2018 Social RheumNow Wk in Review is up! Announcing our 1st innaugural RheumNow Live Conference in 2019. https://t.co/lZMvyMN52A Listen to the podcast on iTunes https://t.co/EuR1GKtG0x or Stitcher or SoundCloud https://t.co/oGf1bwzbxU
11 Sep 2018 Social Providing medical care is more of a commitment to the patient, than a commitment to science. Empathy, understanding and listening are incredibly hard when you think you have all the answers. https://t.co/9ERyuBjYsr
07 Sep 2018 Social That one mouth of yours is outnumbered by your 2 ears. Great doctors are great listeners. Patients, jobs, hospitals will come and go. The only constant is you. How you relate, did you understand, did you make an effort, did you listen. @StGeorgesU White Coat Ceremony
07 Sep 2018 Social "Do you Know What the difference is between a great doctor and a mediocre one? The best doctors have two traits - curiosity and never giving less than 100%” @StGeorgesU White Coat Ceremony
07 Sep 2018 Social Should you accept gifts from patients? Yes! Accepting their gifts is the same as accepting their complements. Don’t shun them, don’t minimize them, be gracious and admit that the gift means a lot to you. @StGeorgesU White Coat Ceremony
06 Sep 2018 Social Everyone admitted to medical school is smart enough to be a doctor. But what are the lessons, traits and efforts that get you there? or make you into a good doctor or a great doctor or will make you derail? @StGeorgesU White Coat Ceremony
05 Sep 2018 Social Great doctors are great people. How you treat each other is how you will treat your patients. How you are perceived by strangers in everyday life is how you will be perceived by your patients
05 Sep 2018 Social In your sunshine folder you can stash thank you notes from patients, pictures taken, great letters of recommendation and small accolades. In the future it will brighten your spirits on difficult days or when, despite your best efforts, things go badly.
04 Sep 2018 Social In 90 seconds I can make a Dx, do Test, Rx a drug. But 40 yrs of medicine has taught me thats not what they want - they want to be heard/understood, a solution, hope - none of these are accomplished in 90 seconds
03 Sep 2018 Social 3 important lessons: 1) Often the most important thing we give a patient is not what we think it is; 2) Much of what you are taught is wrong; 3) Keep a sunshine folder. #SGU White Coat ceremony https://t.co/jI9KdNaGXY
03 Sep 2018 Social This weeks tweets are exerpts from my recent keynote speach at the St. Georges Univ School of Medicine (#SGU) White Coat Ceremony. Best wishes to the Class of 2022! We expect great things from you!
30 Aug 2018 Social @Janetbirdope Everyone merits a consultation. Despite what appears to be low yield or even erroneous referrals, I’m often surprised by what a good history and examination can reveal.