Thursday, 20 Feb 2020


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26 Aug 2015 News Fasenmyer Grant to Calabrese and Lederman Will Further the Interface Between Rheumatology and Virology
29 Aug 2015 Social What it's like to be blessed by patient appreciation & why Rheums are the "favored few".
31 Aug 2015 News Life Expectancy Rises, but People Living Longer with More Illness
01 Sep 2015 Social New Statin Drug approvals (Praluent, Repatha ) should have no muscle sxs but cost >$14000/yr
02 Sep 2015 Social FDA approvals are increasing: is this better science, legislation or politics?
02 Sep 2015 Social Asymptomatic bacteriuria (3x more in women) is a risk factor for prosthetic joint infection (OR 3.23; 95CI 1.67-6.27)
03 Sep 2015 Blog Time to Listen
03 Sep 2015 Social NEJM In-Flight Emergencies reviewed; odds are 1/600 (only 0.3% end up in death); includes fainting 27%, SOB12%, MI 8%
05 Sep 2015 Social Alcohol use during pregnancy is pervasive in UK, Ireland, N Zealand & Australia (20-80%), predicted by smoking.
10 Sep 2015 Blog Wine and the rheumatologist: required reading
11 Sep 2015 News Arthritis and Poverty: Chicken or Egg?
14 Sep 2015 Social CRISPR/Cas9 used to edit the genome of the JC polyoma virus and may be potential Rx for PML in the future.
15 Sep 2015 News Funding for Rheumatology Research in Decline
16 Sep 2015 Social 2012 NHANES shows that 12-14% of US adults have diabetes & prevalence of prediabetes is 37- 38%
18 Sep 2015 News ACR Position on MOC Highlighted in Newsweek
18 Sep 2015 Social Recovery after exercise goes beyond stretching; mental recovery being the hardest @DrPetryna
18 Sep 2015 Social IMS report on patient adoption of mobile apps for self health.
22 Sep 2015 Blog Marketing 101
23 Sep 2015 Social "You can observe a lot by watching" Yogi Berra (1925-2015)
24 Sep 2015 News Answering Patient Emails