Tuesday, 20 Mar 2018


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10 Oct 2017 Social Metanalysis of 38 studies of Stem Cell Transplant. in PSS had high heterogeneity but shows improved skin & lung FVC https://t.co/ScHJ7a2b3v
01 Oct 2017 Social DO NOT attend any meetings that dont have an agenda! Here are other premeeting questions worth knowing ahead of time https://t.co/AUs6tVJDVe
30 Sep 2017 Social With Brexit, the EMA will have to leave London & UK - Where will it end up? https://t.co/anVGLRu6zs
27 Sep 2017 Social CDC: STDs new record high #s in 2016 - chlamydia (1.6mil), gonorrhea (470k) & syphilis (28k); more screening urged https://t.co/U6bsHAeWQa
26 Sep 2017 Social RT @DrAiLynTan: The shorter your #sleep, the shorter your life @MsRachelCooke interviews @sleepdiplomat on sleep & #health https://t.co/v77…
22 Sep 2017 Social RT @dougveale: Congrats to Dr Richard Conway who won Young Investigator at ISR @RichardPAConway @EMEUNET @UCD_CAR https://t.co/5g6nkbQZ71
22 Sep 2017 Social RT @DanielHSolomon: #BWH #Rheum Journal Club discusses today the association between uric acid levels and incident dementia https://t.co/Xo…
20 Sep 2017 Social Astounding! Rx nonadherence isas high as 74% in AS, 90% in gout, 50% in PsA, 75% in SLE, 82% in RA https://t.co/eP5yyf996e
20 Sep 2017 Social RT @medicalaxioms: The greater the ignorance the greater the dogmatism. —William Osler
16 Sep 2017 Social Story telling is the best mode of communicating, teaching, selling and entertaining. https://t.co/BMEndXvXx1
15 Sep 2017 Social Story telling is the best mode of communicating, teaching, selling and entertaining. https://t.co/EsqMzV3raL
11 Sep 2017 Social As good as we are, Best Practices are Still being established throughout Rheumatology
08 Sep 2017 Social CTD mortality: from Dz itself 45% (Highest in PSS,SLE), from infection 43%(myositis) & comorbidity 12% (most in RA) https://t.co/xD4lGfeyce
07 Sep 2017 News Hugo E. Jasin, MD (1933-2017)
07 Sep 2017 Social EULAR Guidelines on Ultrasound use " machine setting for B-mode & Doppler should be properly adjusted to optimise US https://t.co/ydpcrgDy9z
07 Sep 2017 Social RT @DrAiLynTan: No bleeding complications for joint injection in patients on direct oral #anticoagulants https://t.co/OzQltRugvD via @MayoP…
06 Sep 2017 Social RT @AngusWorthing: Thanks to Senate L-HHS approps subcommittee for approving $2 Billion increase in #NIH funding! @SenThadCochran @RoyBlunt…
05 Sep 2017 Social Opioid restrictions & rules (checking internet before Rx) now apply to veterinarians; a new source for opioid adicts https://t.co/wm0KnJ5vZz
01 Sep 2017 Social Untreated Sleep apnea increases free fatty acids, glucose, cortisol and blood pressure during sleep. https://t.co/57Tuclbu4u
31 Aug 2017 Social RT @DrDavidKarp: Thanks to @terrybradshaw helping @ACRheum @ACRSimpleTasks to raise awareness of rheumatic diseases. #RDAM https://t.co/tUb…